Saturday, 5 January 2008

WISP Challenge

I have decided to join the WISP challenge issued by May Britt at Abyquilt. WISP stands for 'Works in Slow Progress' and the challenge is to see how many projects started in 2007 or earlier you can finish by January 31st. You have to post a before and after shot of each project. I will start with my Spotlight quilt and this Christmas stitchery. This was started in December 2007 and is from a pattern by Bronwyn Hayes called Christmas Cups. There are 3 different designs in the pattern. The others feature reindeer and angels. Very cute.

When I opened the bag of biscuits inside the tin from Campbelltown, this is what I found. Aren't they just gorgeous. At first I thought the swirly pattern was a treble clef, but then I realised it was a needle and thread. They look too nice to eat.


  1. those cookies look yummy!
    I love the stitchery your working on.
    I am so tempted to find a pattern to work on as well.. LOVE the idea of a holiday themed quilt like many of the quilters are now doing stitchery as well and they look wonderful!

  2. I loved your stitchery 'Christmas Cups' so much, that I just ordered it from honey suckle cotttage:) I couldn't contain myself, and ordered some other Christmas stitchery patterns also. I'll start working on them after our summer (september 2008)

  3. What adorable cookies/biscuits. You are right,they look too cute to eat. Love your stitchery too.


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