Sunday, 13 January 2008

Redwork Pincushion

Finished this Redwork Pincushion last night - took less than an hour. The buttons were in a collection inherited from my Nan. I am very pleased with it but I think it's probably too nice to use! As you can see I choose a fabric from my stash, with little red motifs, for the back.

Big thanks to Gwen at Scrappy Angel Quilts who has given me another Make My Day award. There are so many inspiring quilters and stitchers with lovely blogs that it is a big honour to be acknowledged in this way. Being able to share your stitching endeavours with other enthusiasts is very motivating and encouraging and I love reading everyones lovely comments.
Here is another of my cross-stitch projects. It is a Prairie Schooler pattern called 1992 Santa. I don't remember exactly when I stitched this but it was a few years ago. I framed it myself in a store bought frame - I collect frames to use for cross-stitch and stitcheries.


  1. Your pincushion is adorable! two of my favorite things, pincushions and redwork :-)

  2. Beautiful! I love Redwork embroidery and I'm a big fan of the Prairie Schooler too.
    I agree the pincushion is much to nice to stick pins in!

  3. less than an hour I can't believe that !
    It is just beautiful!
    love the button too!

    I love pincushions!

  4. Your pincushion is absolutely beautiful, Christine! And you are right, this one is for decoration!

  5. Christine the pin cushion is sooooo nice, and don't you just love old buttons, and from your Nan that is even better....what a great night you had....Cross stitch is stunning.....

  6. That is a very cute pincushion. Don't you just love old buttons.

  7. Great pincushion. Love the santa too.

  8. if you use it,it will give you pleasure every time you put a pin in. go on girl....

  9. Ooooooh, Your pincushion is so cute!!! Your redwork embroidery is beautiful. :-)
    Also Love your Prairie schooler's santa!

  10. You are really working on your wisps. The spotlight quilt is beautiful, and I love this pincushion. Where did you find the pattern for it??

  11. wow - i love your redwork pin cushion. is it hard to do? i've managed a few cross stitches in my time - but i certainly appreciate the simplicity of the redwork.
    your quilts are gorgeous (i've just discovered your blog) - i wish you lived nearer - i could learn a lot from you!

  12. love the pincushion Christine, who's pattern was it? so simple but effective. Hugs Helen

  13. Hello, Christine ! This redwork pincushion is adorable. It haunts my mind for a few days now, and I browsed through the Web to order the pattern. Unfortunately, it seems being out of print. Looking at it, I think I could try to re-draw it. What I would need is the circle diameter, could you help me pleazzzzzzze ? Also : what color red reference are you using ?) THANKS, dear !

    ((HUGS)) and smiles from Belgium,


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