Sunday, 27 January 2008

Flannel Update

The flannel quilt now has a backing. Today I pieced lots of small bits of fabric into rows, then joined them together for a scrappy backing. I tried to make sure the joins were in different spots in each row - no seams to match up.

I'm think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with prairie points - cut and pressed 96 for a scrappy border.

Here is Olly helping to prepare the fabric for the prairie points. Such a helpful boy!

I don't fancy quilting the flannel so the plan at the moment is to finish the quilt like a big pillow, turn it through then add buttons to hold it all together. Don't know how successful this will be. I'm planning a trip to Spotlight tomorrow to buy some more iron-on batting. Had a bit of trouble getting the borders even and straight!!! Ended up with the top and bottom a different measurement to the two side borders. Rather frustrating, but I guess better finished than perfect. I read on a blog the other day (sorry, can't remember which one) that if you can't see your stitching mistakes/imperfections from a galloping horse then they're not worth worrying about. Perhaps good advice for this perfectionist!

Below are a couple more stitchery WISPs I photographed today. The light wasn't very good but you get the idea. They are both from a book by Wendy Brigg called Simply Red. This first one is called 1901 Sampler - I love old-fashioned cross-stitch and embroidery samplers - so had to stitch this one.

The other is called Hannah and Friends. Very, very cute! I think I'll add some red and white borders and frame this one.

Only five more days of the WISP challenge. Will try and finish a couple more things but I'm amazed and very happy at what I've achieved so far. Shame I have to go back to work soon!


  1. WOW, one posting EVERYDAY, you are certainly busy. At that pace, there won´t be any WIPS at the end of the month!
    Your redwork is wonderful. I am sure it will look stunning once framed. Take care.

  2. Love your helper. The redwork is very cute and the flannel just looks so comfy, I want to see how your ideas turn out.

  3. Wow Christine you wouldn't have an unfinished project in your house soon.

  4. My mother use to use that phrase about a galloping horse, it works.
    You are really going to town town on the ufos. Love the backing idea.

  5. Christine, you are a woman possessed!!! My head is spinning with everything you've been finishing and I'm just loving seeing it all.

  6. Oh, Your redworks are darling!
    and your flannel quilt looks good. I love thoese fabrics that you chose..... It's very lovely.

  7. Olly looks like the purrfect helper.
    Nice job of piecing your backing. I look forward to seeing those prairie points attached. Your stitcheries are so pretty, too. I think you've had a very successful WISP month.

  8. Carol commented that you're a "woman Possessed!". I think you're like a woman obsessed!!! But then, I am your sister and I know its TRUE :o)
    I'm amazed at how much you've achieved in the past month - wish I was even half as productive.

  9. Midas loves your quilt-cat. He always wants to help me make quilts. Funny, cats and quilts! I love your redwork, your stitches look stunningly precise!

  10. Great pieced backing for your flannel quilt! Oh, prairie points for the border? This will look fantastic!

    Looks like you've been incredibly productive. Very inspiring. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  11. Very nice! I love your redwork. Is that an old book or something that is still around?

  12. Everyone should have an Olly to help them with their projects :)
    I love the two stitcheries you've done especially the sampler one.
    The quilt looks so soft and cosy.

  13. Now you just have to teach Olly how to operate the sewing machine! Love your redwork embroideries!

  14. I love your quilt! Flannel is great, I just made a new flannel quilt as my kids loved the other one to threads.

    I love your helper Oliver. He looks just like my Rolo and apparently has the same interest in quilting as my cat. I have a few pictures of Rolo on my blog.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!! Love your blog and will check in regularly.


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