Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pampered Pets

Just a quick post this morning. As we are going to Hobart today, Molly is going to Nanny and Poppy's for a little holiday. Here she is last night having a bath. She looks quite relaxed here but wasn't real keen to get in!

And here is Oliver with some festive friends ... always has to sit on things. The little quilt under him was one of my very first quilting efforts. It's just squares with hearts made from Thimbleberries fabrics. He seems to have a thing about lying across dolly legs at the moment! The light's not great but I thought it was a cute photo.


  1. Hugo saw Molly in the bath and had a panic attack in case I was thinking of doing the same thing to him before he goes for a sleepover at my Mum and Dads this weekend. I have assured him that he is clean enough for now but the day will come when he needs to have a bath!

  2. Oliver is a hoot. My Bo is like that, especially newspaper. She loves to sit on the newspaper when you are reading it. As for Molly, I wish my Molly would get in the bath. And she's way too heavy to lift into it. I have to do with the clam shell out the back!! LOL

  3. Gosh Christine! I just found your blog via Abyquilt -- I love all your wonderful projects. Looking forward to seeing many more!

  4. I have a Molly also she is a lot smaller(Jack Russell) than your Molly she doesn't particularly like having a bath either.


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