Wednesday 28 January 2009

With a Bit of Help from my Furry Friend!

Oliver and I have been busy making a backing for Molly's quilt. I made the top last summer but it never got finished.

It is a plaid quilt and I pieced the back from one large piece of fabric and some scraps. Sorry about this disgusting photo!

I am determined to master the art of stippling and decided Molly's quilt would be a good one to practise on. I don't think she's going to care if it's not perfect! Have been having a little practise each day on some scrap quilt sandwiches.
As well, I've been trying to get my Quilters Blessings blocks finished.

I would like to get this quilt finished in February for the One Project a Month Challenge.

Only 3 blocks left to stitch now.

I am stitching all 16 blocks.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Thrift Shop Hop

Recently Kathy and I went on another little thrift shop hop, this time to Wynyard.

I was delighted to find some more wooden spools ... building up a nice little collection of these.

Also found this thread box ...
not sure of it's vintage but I liked it a lot.

This jar of buttons also caught my eye.

I bought this basket with Oliver in mind ... he has one in most rooms of the house. However, it looks so good in my sewing room that he may be lucky to get it!

Although he was very interested ....

and decided ...

he really should try it out for size!

I think my buy of the day was this case I found for $5 at Save a Buck. I am intending to use it to carry all my bits and pieces when I go to classes and gatherings. Kathy was very jealous!

It's been a while since Molly featured in blogland. Here she is posing in front of my purchases ...

then having a big snooze.

Monday 19 January 2009

Three Cheers for Fray Stoppa

Yesterday I used the Fray Stoppa on my next Angel block and was delighted with the results. I applied it carefully to the outer edges of the block with a sponge brush and there was no fraying at all as I stitched. A huge thanks to the brilliant bloggers who told me about this product.

Now without further ado, here is Libby the Librarian. (Sorry the photo is so dark!)

Libby likes to sing verses from Okaloma. In her opinion, the acoustics in the library are excellent! (Brings back memories of practising the trombone in the bathroom ... always sounded good in there!)

In amongst my other projects I have been trying to finish my Quilter's Blessings blocks. These are a couple I finished over the weekend.

Only 3 left to stitch now ... then to decide on a setting.

Friday 16 January 2009

OPAM Finish

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on the fraying problem I wrote about in the last post. I found this ...

at Stewart's Sewing Centre in Burnie yesterday. Haven't had a chance to try it yet ... will do a test on some scrap fabric first.

Also came home with these fabrics ... My Folklore by Lecien. Kathy is going to use them to make me a bag.

I completed this cushion last night ... my second January finish for the One Project a Month Challenge. I wanted to have a practise run at putting the quilt-as-you-go log cabin blocks together before I tackled the quilt. It is quite big ... about 22 inches square.

I used a Clover bias maker to make the strips that cover the joins and ...

used the automatic button hole stitch on my machine. Had a practise on a scrap of fabric first as it is years since I last used this feature. I love this Charleston fabric by Judie Rothermel.

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Hettie at the Hat Shop

Today I completed my first block of An Angels Story by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. I am using the Simplicity range of fabrics by 3 Sisters.

This is Hettie who has 'a hat for every day of the year and one extra for leap years.' Apparently she is 'often seen sauntering down Halo Drive follically heightened and halo enhanced.'

Over the last couple of weeks I have prepared all the blocks for this lovely quilt ... attached borders, ironed on the appliques, traced the stitchery elements and coloured these lightly with watercolour pencils.

The only thing I'm not completely happy with is the amount of fraying that occurred on the outside of the block as I stitched. Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce/avoid this? All I can think of is maybe zig-zagging around the edges. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Sunday 11 January 2009

A Christmas Wish

I have finished the first block of Gail Pan's free BOM, A Christmas Wish.

I decided I would make up the other 8 blocks now so each month I'll only have to trace on the design and stitch it. Hopefully this will save some time later on when I'm back at work.
Looking forward to seeing the design for block 2.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Happy Blogoversary, Sis

Kathy at Harmony Junkie (my little sister) is celebrating her blogoversary today and has a very nice giveaway. She would love for you to drop by and say hi.

Don't think I've ever had a picture-less post before! Have been working on a few different projects which I'll share very soon.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Christmas Gifts and BOMs

Today's pictures are of the gifts I made for Chookyblue's SSCS.

This dolly is my Christmas version of Sally by Rosalie Quinlan Designs.
I borrowed the applique motif from Anni Downs Christmas Story book.
There was quite a bit of fabric left over so I made her a matching quilt .....
and this little Matryoshka Angel (yes, I know it looks more like a bee ... I think it's the eyes!) from Rosalie Quinlan's book Gift.

I'm a little sad that I haven't heard from my swap partner and just hope they arrived safely.
Did you notice the pretty basket logo in my sidebar. While surfing the net last night I came across this gorgeous new free BOM from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. I love her designs and think I'll have a go at this one.
We are rather spoilt for choice in blogland at the moment as Gail Pan is also giving us a free BOM this year. It will go for 9 months and Gail says that by September we will have a new quilt nearly finished for Christmas. Sounds good.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

And the Winner is ....

Oliver and I have been busy this morning doing the draw for my blogoversary giveaway. I printed out all 125 names, trimmed them and placed them in a bowl. Then, Oliver appeared knowing there was important business to attend to.
First he had a general look,
then he stuck his head in,
and to my amazement, actually pulled out a slip of paper. It was very funny and I'm annoyed I was too slow to get a photo.
However, the winner is Gudrun from Iceland. Congratulations, Gudrun. It's rather exciting to think of my little parcel travelling so far away. Just wish I could hand deliver it!
After doing such a great job, Olly then got a bit naughty ... I think he thought he'd like to have a go at taking some pictures himself because he wasn't letting go of my camera strap!
Little imp!
Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway ... I am gradually checking out all your blogs.
Back soon with some quilty pictures.