Thursday 31 January 2008

Hannah and Her Friends

Today was the last day of May Britt's WISP challenge. I managed to turn Hannah and her Friends into a cushion edged with prairie points. Surprise, surprise! I really have become addicted to them! Kept it simple and just sewed borders around the stitchery panel. I also quilted 1/4 inch from the edge with embroidery thread. Finished about 7.30 pm tonight while watching Eastenders then raced outside for a photo before the light faded too much. Our evenings are quite long here this time of year. Last night we were on the beach til after 9 o'clock and it was still light.

Earlier today I framed three more cross-stitch pieces. These have been sitting in a box for years so it's good to have them finished. Some of them will be good to use as gifts.

Here are before and after shots of Anna's Quilt - an Amish design from Told in a Garden.

These little bear cross-stitches were done very early on in my stitching life, way before I discovered quilting. They are done on aida cloth - these days I mainly stitch on linen - but are still quite cute.

I used store bought frames for all these projects - mostly found in sales and discount stores. If you look at the right time it's possible to pick up quite nice frames. I just backed each piece with thick iron-on batting and trimmed them to fit. When you add the backing board the batting makes the piece sit up slightly in the centre. I like this look and the best bit is you don't have to lace the piece! I only do this for small projects - big things still get professionally framed. Eventually!

Now that the WISP challenge is finished I'll have to spend more time doing riveting stuff like housework. I start school again on Feb 11th so will have to start preparing next week. With four choirs to run,and 15 music classes to teach each week, there is lots of preparation. Oh and I also do Flying Start which is literacy for Preppies (5 year olds) four mornings a week - heaps of fun. I am gradually catching up on my blog reading. Subscribing to feeds is saving a lot of time - I don't like to miss anyone's.

Framed Finishes

As promised here are some pics of yesterdays finishes.







Bye for now.

Wednesday 30 January 2008

Santa Christmas Cup

Today I finally got around to finishing the Santa Christmas Cup. It seemed to take longer to put it together than do the stitchery! Perhaps it's because I'm self-taught, but I really have to concentrate on the pattern when sewing things like this. I was also a bit nervous about cutting the main cup part - you seemed to have to cut horribly close to the edge of the stitchery! I didn't want a disaster after so much work. The lovely red fabric I used for the lining and handles is from Judie Rothermel's Spirit of the Season range. I might have mentioned before how much I love her fabrics. Anyway disaster was averted and here's a couple of pics of the cup on the tree. I know it's nearly February but I've been too busy with WISPs to pack up the Christmas decorations. Maybe a job for Friday. (and Saturday!)

I'm still finding lots of WISPs to work on. Today I unearthed some things that I think will look good in frames. Over the years I have collected lots of little frames to use for cross-stitch and stitcheries.
This little stitchery is from Nikki Tervi Designs and is simply called Piece Makers.
The pattern came with two little ceramic heart buttons in blue which are yet to be added.

Then we have Patchwork House Stitchery by Fiona O'Donnell of Needle Art.

Also by Fiona O'Donnell is Patchwork Hearts Stitchery.

These little cross-stitch pieces were part of a Debbie Mumm kit called Array of Angels. They were supposed to be stitched to a fabric heart wall-hanging. My tastes have changed and the hanging doesn't really appeal to me anymore, but I still think the cross-stitches are sweet.
The last two cross-stitch pieces were designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Told in a Garden. They are in a booklet of Amish designs called The Bookmark Collection. The design with the three ladies stitching at the quilting frame is called Settlers' Quilt.
I actually managed to finish framing all these pieces tonight but it was too dark to take decent photos. A job for tomorrow - I quite enjoy snapping away with the camera. Last day of January and the WISP challenge tomorrow so until then happy stitching.
Don't know why but having trouble with spacing between text and photos on this post. Very annoying.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

Flannel Throw

Finished the flannel throw this morning - I'm not calling it a quilt because it doesn't have any quilting. I changed my mind about the buttons and just tied it with embroidery floss where the 'squares' interconnect on the top. This is more visible if you click on the image.

The big pillow idea worked really well - the best part was no binding to sew on - and I love the prairie points. The uneven green border got trimmed again after I ironed on the batting and is now even! It was annoying me way too much!

No photo shoot would be complete without some input from Oliver Henry.
Here he is checking out the backing.

Not too bad!

Now he's wondering why the bench is here. This is not it's usual spot. Obviously smells different too!

And now we have to check everything out from below!

Even Molly got in on the action today.

I nearly forgot but the little Christmas pillow is also completed. I am a bit behind in visiting all your lovely blogs. Hope to drop by soon.

Sunday 27 January 2008

Flannel Update

The flannel quilt now has a backing. Today I pieced lots of small bits of fabric into rows, then joined them together for a scrappy backing. I tried to make sure the joins were in different spots in each row - no seams to match up.

I'm think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with prairie points - cut and pressed 96 for a scrappy border.

Here is Olly helping to prepare the fabric for the prairie points. Such a helpful boy!

I don't fancy quilting the flannel so the plan at the moment is to finish the quilt like a big pillow, turn it through then add buttons to hold it all together. Don't know how successful this will be. I'm planning a trip to Spotlight tomorrow to buy some more iron-on batting. Had a bit of trouble getting the borders even and straight!!! Ended up with the top and bottom a different measurement to the two side borders. Rather frustrating, but I guess better finished than perfect. I read on a blog the other day (sorry, can't remember which one) that if you can't see your stitching mistakes/imperfections from a galloping horse then they're not worth worrying about. Perhaps good advice for this perfectionist!

Below are a couple more stitchery WISPs I photographed today. The light wasn't very good but you get the idea. They are both from a book by Wendy Brigg called Simply Red. This first one is called 1901 Sampler - I love old-fashioned cross-stitch and embroidery samplers - so had to stitch this one.

The other is called Hannah and Friends. Very, very cute! I think I'll add some red and white borders and frame this one.

Only five more days of the WISP challenge. Will try and finish a couple more things but I'm amazed and very happy at what I've achieved so far. Shame I have to go back to work soon!

Saturday 26 January 2008


Today I have two more completed WISPs to show.



Of course Oliver had to appear for the obligatory sniff!

I keep finding more and more WISPs to work on. It's scary really. I have decided to finish this little Christmas stitchery made from a pre-printed panel.

It's not that obvious in the photos but I have stitched over all the running stitch with black embroidery thread.

I went mad making these one Christmas. Here are a few I prepared earlier!

I also dragged out this flannel flimsy which will become a throw for the lounge.

This is my one and only flannel project - some of the fabrics are Thimbleberries. Not sure why this never got finished as I still like it.

I have a big piece of dark green flannel which will make a nice border. I don't want to have to buy backing fabric so I think I'll try and piece something from all the top leftovers. May or may not work!

Happy Australia day to all the Aussies. I have students singing at an Australia Day concert and Award ceremony tonight so off to rehearsal this afternoon.