Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Santa Christmas Cup

Today I finally got around to finishing the Santa Christmas Cup. It seemed to take longer to put it together than do the stitchery! Perhaps it's because I'm self-taught, but I really have to concentrate on the pattern when sewing things like this. I was also a bit nervous about cutting the main cup part - you seemed to have to cut horribly close to the edge of the stitchery! I didn't want a disaster after so much work. The lovely red fabric I used for the lining and handles is from Judie Rothermel's Spirit of the Season range. I might have mentioned before how much I love her fabrics. Anyway disaster was averted and here's a couple of pics of the cup on the tree. I know it's nearly February but I've been too busy with WISPs to pack up the Christmas decorations. Maybe a job for Friday. (and Saturday!)

I'm still finding lots of WISPs to work on. Today I unearthed some things that I think will look good in frames. Over the years I have collected lots of little frames to use for cross-stitch and stitcheries.
This little stitchery is from Nikki Tervi Designs and is simply called Piece Makers.
The pattern came with two little ceramic heart buttons in blue which are yet to be added.

Then we have Patchwork House Stitchery by Fiona O'Donnell of Needle Art.

Also by Fiona O'Donnell is Patchwork Hearts Stitchery.

These little cross-stitch pieces were part of a Debbie Mumm kit called Array of Angels. They were supposed to be stitched to a fabric heart wall-hanging. My tastes have changed and the hanging doesn't really appeal to me anymore, but I still think the cross-stitches are sweet.
The last two cross-stitch pieces were designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Told in a Garden. They are in a booklet of Amish designs called The Bookmark Collection. The design with the three ladies stitching at the quilting frame is called Settlers' Quilt.
I actually managed to finish framing all these pieces tonight but it was too dark to take decent photos. A job for tomorrow - I quite enjoy snapping away with the camera. Last day of January and the WISP challenge tomorrow so until then happy stitching.
Don't know why but having trouble with spacing between text and photos on this post. Very annoying.


  1. Way to go on the January finishes.......u inspire me!!! Love those X stitches, i admire the Amish!!! U r a winner in my books!!!!

  2. Wow, you are keeping your fingers busy with your stitching! Well done on getting all those projects finished!!! Love the Xmas cup!

  3. Good for you! It's amazing what you can accomplish in a short time. I love the Told In The Garden patterns and have made several of them.

  4. The Xmas cup, you have done an excellent job and the rest can't wait to see them today all are extremeley talented Christine.

  5. You certainly do nice stitchery!

  6. What a fabulous picture show!
    I love the Christmas cup but best of all I like the piece maker stitchery. Everything you do is so lovely.
    Very few of my x stitch pieces have made it to the framer but I do have one TIAG piece framed.

  7. As usual, beautiful embroidery! LOVE that Christmas cup -- SOOOO Cute!!!

  8. I was visiting your blogg yesterday but I diden't have time to comment.Back today and you have put a lot of new things out. I am impressed and everything so lovely.
    You are a great stitcher.
    You realy need to get an award for this.I have just received another one and this time I will remember You!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend comming .

  9. Ooooo, your santa is so cute. Love it, Love it!
    and your cross stitch! They are so beautiful!


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