Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tali's Cushion

Tali came for a sleepover last night. Here she is eating tomato soup for breakfast! while watching the cartoons on Austar.

After last weeks sewing session she was very keen to get back on the sewing machine. She wanted to play with the decorative stitches again so I suggested she make a little pillow and use one of the stitches to decorate it. Don't you love the glasses - magnifying ones from Spotlight! I thought she looked like Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous - one of her brothers thought Ugly Betty! Sibling love.

She picked out some fabric for the centre then I taught her how to attach some borders using the 1/4 inch foot. We used iron-on batting ( I love it for cushions and small quilts) and added this next before stitching the decorative stitch.

Then I drew a line with wash away pen as a guide for the decorative stitch. This worked really well - she just kept the slit in the foot on the line, stopping at each corner to turn the fabric.

Then it was just a matter of sewing the front and back together, turning it and filling with stuffing. With my guidance, Tali did everything except sewing up the stuffing hole herself - even the pressing and rotary cutting.

Here she is looking very proud of her creation.

Great job, Tali.


  1. Well done Tali, your cushion looks wonderful!!

  2. wow - she's on her way! how clever is she.
    you make it all sound so easy - and no doubt it is once you have done it once.
    tell tali i love her pillow.

  3. Well done. Tali! Your cushion is soooo cute! And well done, Christine, teaching Tali! :o)

  4. great work Tali must be the wonderful teacher you have......

  5. Wow Tali, your cushion is sooooo nice. I had a son who also loved soup for breakfast.

  6. Lovely little pincushion ! Congratulations to Tali !


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