Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Junior Stitchers

Although I didn't do much stitching today myself, I had a great time introducing Tali and her two brothers to the sewing machine. They learnt some basics like how to raise and lower the foot and insert the needle into the fabric. We started with just some straight stitch sewing to get a feel for the foot pedal then moved on to trying some of the decorative stitches programmed into the machine. I was amazed at how well they all did - great control and quite confident.

Here is seven year old Tali,

nine year old Micah,

and ten year old Jesse.

I made a video of each of them sewing which they enjoyed showing their Mum when she came to pick them up. Tali has already started collecting fabrics for her first quilt and the boys are now keen to make one to. Some of the decorative stitches are really nice and worked really well on a piece of fabric backed with iron on batting. I think I'll try and use some in a project soon.

I have nearly finished the stitching on the santa Christmas Cup. Going to Hobart for a few days tomorrow so will try to finish the feet while I'm away. I've also packed the Tis the Season table runner to finish the binding. I hope to visit some quilt shops while I'm away so might have something to share on Sunday.


  1. Your stitchery looks great!!
    How sweet do they look at the machine?? Its wonderful to encourage kids to be creative, what a lovely Aunt u r!!

  2. We have to keep teaching these kids the art. They don't teach it in schools any more....We have to prepare the next generation...Have fun...

  3. The santa's are adorable. Love seeing the children learn to sew. Have a good trip!

  4. i love the fact that you are teaching your niece and nephews to sew. julian is mad keen to learn - perhaps i should help him on his way - but he's only six. it would be nice if the boys kept it up!

  5. I love your santa stitchery. You are a very good auntie it is great to see boys interested in sewing.

  6. You are a great Auntie...the Santa's are so cute...

  7. How lovely to see these young girls at the sewing machine.
    Your Santa stitchery is so cute


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