Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Civil War 4 Patch

This is a quilt I call Civil War 4 Patch. I love reproduction fabrics and quilts. A while ago I bought The Art of Classic Quiltmaking by Harriet Hargrave and Sharyn Craig. As I have basically taught myself how to quilt and craft, I thought this book might help fill in some of my many gaps. In the book there is a picture of an 186o's 4-Patch made by Harriet so I based my version on this. The stripey green border fabric is the same as the borders on Tis the Season.

Oliver just had to get in on the action!

I enjoy blogs with lots of photos so hope mine are interesting.


  1. hey!
    love the quilt. i am hoping to make my first quilt this year - probably on a smaller scale though!
    i also think your light box idea is fantastic - and i though you had to buy something ridiculously expensive. brilliant! if you don't mind, i may just have to adopt that one.
    happy new year.

  2. Hi! Just popped over here from ChookyBlue's site. Great blog and lovely projects! I'll be adding you to my list! Happy New year & welcome to blogland!

  3. That quilt is just beautiful. You have posted so much in such a short time! Welcome to blogland

  4. Forgot to mention that I jumped over from Donna @Chookyblue. Gorgeous quilt, and yes your blog is interesting.

  5. welcome to blog land I also came over from chookyblue and I love blogs even though I don't blog myself. luv your blog looks great will favourite it so can keep up with what you are up to Gai P

  6. Christine,
    You are doing a very good job with your blog. I have loved the pictures of all your projects. I plan to try the light box idea. I don't know why I didn't think about it. Keep the post coming. I am adding you to my favorites.

  7. Thanks for adding another pretty blog to blogland. It is very inspirational already, I will be back and add you to my blogroll also.

  8. Hi: came over from chookyblue, too - welcome to Blogland! What a fabulous quilt - your colour sense is great! I am planning a four patch that will be within the framework of 19th century quiltmaking, but will be in no way like yours - that's what I love about traditional quiltmaking - so much variety. Best in 2008.
    Janet in very snowy coastal Nova Scotia, CANADA

  9. Hi and welcome to blogland, Chookyblue sent me! I really like your Civil War 4 patch. I like how you have quilted it with diamonds in the four patch. Very effective.


  10. Hi Christine
    Welcome to blogland, I love the look of your blog and I will be adding it to my favourites. By the way I found you via Chookyblue.

  11. Your blog is looking real good.....just love this quilt the fabrics are stunning...have aready added you to my bloglines, after your first visit to me....thanks also for dropping by..

  12. Love your blog. Donna over at chookyblue sent me over to day hi. Love your civil war quilt and stitchery. I love doing stitchery too. Welcome!!

  13. HEHEHE Donna is at it again
    wow you new blog is so very nice I will be back fo sure
    hugs Beth

  14. Happy New Year and welcome to blogland. I also came over from Chookieblue. Your projects are so lovely ! Keep on showing them...

  15. pleased so many girls have come over to welcome you.........enjoy........

  16. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Donna is spreading the word. You have done a great job on your posts and pictures. Great Civil War quilt!

  17. Welcome to blogland. I hope you enjoy blogging just as much as I do. You've made some wonderful things. Really love the Civil War 4Patch quilt. Like you I like the traditional antique reproduction quilts. One day I hope to have many finished quilts.
    Happy quilting, Helen

  18. What a beautiful blog you have created!!! Your work is lovely - I particularly like the Christmas Table

    I have 2 goldies and ginger tabby cat, so fell in love with your pets at first sight. Ours often appear in photos of my quilts cos they just can't resist being the centre of attention.

    Happy New Year

  19. I LOVE this quilt, you did a wonderful job and you certainly picked a great book to learn with.
    beautiful ...just beautiful quilt.
    welcome to the blogging world and have added you to my blog roll...looking forward to more pictures :)


  20. Welcome to Blogland...and a very Happy New Year to you! Kathie sent me over. Love your stitcheries and your Sivil War 4-patch is just wonderful.

  21. That is a great quilt! Love it!

  22. Hi, nice to see you at Abyquilt's challenge! When I read you blog, I see you and I have the same interest for CW fabrics! I just love them, and for the moment I'm making a BOW with an American woman (Crazy Mom), where I use this fabric. I'm also working on a Caramel Medallion in CW fabrics. The shops around here don't sell such fabrics, so I have to use ebay or others. But now I have to finish some more table runners for the January challenge.....

  23. Love your civil war quilt! I have lots of cw fabrics, too. I really enjoy pictures on blogs and yours are great.

  24. I have also read The Art of Classic Quiltmaking and thought it was a great book. Unfortunately, I got it from the library and haven't been able to return to it for inspiration in a while.

    I love your quilt, it is really well done. The fabrics are nice and pair well with the design. I've wanted to attempt a Civil War reproduction quilt for my father-in-law who loves Civil War trivia and was a reenactor.


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