Saturday, 5 January 2008

Travelling North

On the way home from Hobart we stopped at Campbelltown and went into a lolly shop called A Little Piece of Heaven. (Wouldn't this be a great name for a quilt shop too!) I found this little tin and had to have it. I think it had biscuits inside - I didn't care what they contents were. The sides have the same gorgeous image as the top. I have already filled it with crafty bits.

Also on the way home we saw this old stone wall near Oatlands and I had to take some photos. I love everything old and rustic - not just quilts. I am enjoying taking photos with my camera - I love that you can delete all the terrible ones and keep snapping 'til you get the right shot. More quilt photos coming in the next post.


  1. Christine,

    I am really enjoying your blog. I have you in my favorites and check every day to see if you have a new post. (grin) I love your Spotlight quilt. It is really pretty. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great tin, I also have a thing about tins.....

  3. great tin and love the spotlight quilt........cooll stone wall......


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