Wednesday 25 February 2009

Scrappy Split 9-Patch

Hi all. I really should be in bed. Have an early start in the morning to catch the plane to Melbourne. Just thought I'd show you the quilt top I'll be passing onto Karen at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop for the bushfire survivors.

Apart from some of the homespun, all the fabrics were in my scrap basket.

I started with split 9-patch blocks,
then just added sashings and borders.

Although it's not colours and fabrics I would choose for myself these days, I hope it will bring some comfort to someone.

We will be at AQC on Thursday and Saturday. Looking forward to meeting up with blog friends from Tasmania and interstate. Some I've met before and others it will be the first time in 'real life'.
Until Sunday,

Sunday 22 February 2009

Pot Plant Penelope

Pot Plant Penelope is my latest An Angel Story block to be finished.

Such a sweet little face.

There must be something good is this watering can ...

as her plants are really blooming.

My last PIF gift is finished and ready to post. Will show some pictures when it has been received.
Just wondering ... has anybody else been having trouble with their feeds not updating. I am having to refresh each one individually which is becoming a nuisance!

Thursday 19 February 2009

Kitty Cuteness

This week, I have been busy doing school preparation, housework and gardening. We are off to Melbourne next week to go to the Quilt Convention and Abbamania. I go back to work on March 2 and need to be organised before I go away. As a result, there's not much to share on the sewing front. I'm working on a quilt top to take across to Mrs Martin's ... they will quilt it for the bushfire survivors ... but not ready to show it yet. Almost finished my last PIF ... but again can't show it yet. So some cute kitty pictures will have to suffice as far as eye candy goes!

As you can see it's a hard life being a cat.
I am getting sleepy ...

very sleepy ...

Wonder what he's dreaming about!

And just a reminder that Lorraine and Peg would still welcome donations of any sewing items to put in their Sanity Saver packages. I sorted through my sewing room last weekend and found lots of things I didn't really need ... excess fabric, buttons, threads, needles etc .. all of which I posted off on Monday.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Bushfire Relief

Sorry I've been a bit quiet this week. Like the rest of the country, I've been shocked and horrified by the tragic events in Victoria. There have been lots of tears and until now I just couldn't face doing a post.

Last night we found out that 3 different people we know through brass banding lost their homes. Even more tragic was the loss of one families son, his girlfriend and her brother.

There are lots of great things happening in blogland and beyond to provide support to those affected. Like lots of you I feel the need to 'do something' so these are the ones I have chosen to support.

*Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal - the message we are getting is that at this early stage donating money to the appeal is the most useful thing to do.

*Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop -
Karen is collecting quilt tops, blocks, batting and backing fabric to make quilts for the survivors. I am sorting through my stash to see what I can donate. As we are going to Melbourne in a fortnight I'll be delivering it myself.

*Sanity Savers -
Peg and Lorraine have info on their blogs about this. Basically it is donating items to put together packs for quilters/crafters affected by the fires. Things like fat quarters, pincushions, needles, threads etc would be great. They don't have to be big or expensive items.
If everyone gives a little, they will have some lovely packages to pass on.

Handmade Help - lots of ways to help out here. I am planning to drop off a handmade item at Amitie when we are in Melbourne. Better get busy as we go on Feb 25.

*On My Verandah -
Maree is auctioning patterns, fabrics and finished items on her blog.

Click on any of the links to find out how you can help too.

I'm not very good at expressing myself when sad things happen but hope all in the blogging community are safe. Hope to do a happier post soon.


Saturday 7 February 2009

A Christmas Wish Block 2

Guess what I did this afternoon? I had planned to work on another project but when I saw Gail's fabulous new block I kind of got sidetracked. So pleased with the green fabric I choose. I think it really compliments the stitchery colours.

And before I go here's a little peek at a secret project I'm working on. Hope to be able to reveal it soon.

Log Cabin Update

Thought you might like to see how the reproduction log cabins are coming along. Well, I finished another cushion . First finish for February.

This one has blue strips covering the joins.

As for the quilt, the blocks have been sewn together and the front covering strips added.

As you can see, I now need to add the covering strips to the back.

Surprise, surprise, old Mr Sticky Beak aka Oliver Henry the Quilt Inspector had to come and check out the quilt. First one side ...

then the other! Hope it passed the inspection!

Then, "Oh, look here's my friend Molly ... think I'll just grab her head to let her know I'm here!" Poor Molly!

Though she didn't seem too perturbed and agreed to do a few poses herself.

"Do you like my profile?"

"Aren't I a pretty girl?"

Being a model is so exhausting. Time for a rest.

Thursday 5 February 2009

Millicent the Magnificent Mum

An Angel Story block number 3 is completed.

Millicent and her daughter are SO cute.

I love stitching with these Simplicity fabrics.

Will be back again soon with block number 4.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Thank You

About a week ago I got an email from Marc to say I was the lucky winner of her 100 post giveaway. Last night I received a parcel with this inside. (A night photo so not fantastic quality .. but wasn't going to wait until this morning to open it!)

This is the card Marc made.

Marc was so generous and sent me lots of goodies.

This box was full of hidden treasures.

Pretty ribbons ...

gorgeous pink charm squares ...

and a beautifully made zippered pouch.

I also received this very cute wrapping paper, shopping list and notebook.

I've left the best to last as my most favourite gift was this lovely bag made from lots of gorgeous dusky pink and green fabrics. I LOVE it!

Isn't it lovely?

The inside is just as pretty as the outside.

I just couldn't stop taking photos and counted at least 10 different fabrics
... all sewed so beautifully. Thank you Marc, for all the lovely gifts.

Before I forget I must also thank Suzie for this award. I find it so difficult to pass these on to just a few, so if you are reading this post, this is for you.

Also, I just remembered that quite a while ago Cathi gave me the Wylde Women award. Thanks Cathi.

Just to show I've been doing a little sewing, here are a couple of peeks at a project I'm working on at the moment.

Have lots more to share so will be back soon.