Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Finish and Some Shopping

Returned from Hobart last night but too tired to post! It actually rained on the way home - first rainy day this year. I took some photos of old cottages and houses in some of the towns in the Midlands - always loved old homes. Ours was built in 1907 and needs to be painted soon so I am looking out for colour schemes I like. The last house we lived in I painted myself - took 4 summers - but might get some help this time.

On the way to Hobart I sewed down the binding on the Tis the Season table runner so it is finally finished. I used some red Judie Rothermel fabric in an attempt to echo the border.

While in Hobart I visited a new quilt shop in Sandy Bay called Frangipani Fabrics. If I remember rightly this business was previously in Darwin and relocated to Tassie quite recently. The shop is housed in an old federation style house so I loved it instantly.

They have a big selection of Australian and Japanese fabrics which is not really my thing, but I did find this cute little bag pattern by Renee Plains

and these fat quarters for $2.50 each in the sale bin.

There were also some nice flannels and if you are into beads they have a large selection. When I got home Oliver was very interested to check out the shopping bags! Molly enjoyed her little holiday with Nanny and Poppy and was awarded 10/10 for being such a good girl.


  1. hey!

    you've been tagged.

    if you want to participate, check out my blog and you'll find out what to do.


    ps - tasmania looks like a gorgeous place

  2. Well done on the table runner sounds like you had a nice time.

  3. Sounds like your trip away was great..table runner looks good..Did Miss Molly get a treat for her 10/10?

  4. Molly had been swimming at the beach twice today so I think she has been adequately rewarded! She is now recovering on the deck in the warm sunshine. What a life!

  5. Oh! your table runner is so cute!
    Judie's this red fabric is one of my favorite too and It looks great on your runner!
    Your stitchery blocks are so sweet looking. Love it!!!
    I see you purchased very nice goodies. Love this pattern. :-)

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    I think your table runner looks great! I'm coming to appreciate the combination of quilting and embroidery more and more and look forward to doing some very soon myself.

    That is a really cute quilt shop and you picked up some very nice things. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric.

  7. Loved the pattern of the "everyday bag". Thank you for visiting my blogg, nice with someone new...
    May I link you?

  8. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your table runner is lovely! Glad you arrived home safely from Hobart.

  9. What a gorgeous shop - I'd love to have a house painted that way. And hey, how did my cat get over to your house? hee hee hee


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