Sunday, 30 March 2008

This and That

Finally finished the March block of Capricorn Quilts BOM. Can't believe it will be April already in two more days. I wonder what Bea has designed for us next.

So much for just reading the Civil War books! As predicted by some very wise bloggers, I had to have a play and so here is my first block Church from The Civil War Diary Quilt p 79. It's not perfect but I'm pleased with the result. I think this will be a long term project for me - slow and steady.

Had a tidy up session in my sewing room this weekend and took a few photos.

Here is my favourite accessory in his basket. He likes to be able to look out the window so has a few of these little perches around the house.

Hope you had a good weekend and had time for some stitching.


  1. Hey Christine,
    Your sewing room looks fantastic!! There is NO way I can share pics of mine - you can barely get in there atm - that is serious!!!
    The civil war block looks great too.
    x Sarah

  2. Well done on the Civil War block!! Your sewing room looks very creative too. I'm with Sarah, I couldn't share pics of mine, I share it with the computer and 2 teenage girls, not to mention
    100's of teaching text books. It must be the catch up weekend for Capricorn BOM, I've almost finished Jan today! Just a bit behind LOL. Cathyx

  3. Love your sewing room dont you wish they could stay that tidy all the time.I guess if that was the case it would mean no sewing would happen in them.Have a great week.

  4. Wow you have been very busy, I am impressed.....
    Very nice pictures from your house, I loved them. And I love to see more from your manor house project. I have a lot to catch up with now and very little to show on my blogg. Be happy ...

  5. The Civil War project shows up on a lot of blogs indeed. I love the first block you made.

  6. Loved thoose jars filled with buttons and nice things made by you.... I guess...;D Inspiring...and lovely room!!!

    Well done on your first CW block!!!

  7. hmmm, wonder how long I can resist to the civil war project

    your first block is very nice

  8. I wish my sewing room could look cute like yours. I have too much fabric, books, and supplies to have any room for cute decorations.
    So you got the Civil War block bug! Join the crowd.

  9. Your sewing room looks wonderful, wish mine looked like that... I have the same book, but haven't had time to start reading (or make any of the blocks) yet. Your block is really pretty!

  10. Oh to have a sewing room like that. In fact oh to have *ANY* room like that, LOL. Beautiful.

  11. Great sewing room ....all neat and tidy....glad Olly got a look in...also love your block...

  12. What a nice room you have. I still haven't stitched my March block but really had planned to get it done...oops. Better hurry!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  13. Gorgeous sewing room sweeite, can see why you are so productive!!!
    Hugs xxx

  14. Your sewing room is just sooooo neat now. How long do you think it will stay. I usually give mine 2 days after a tidyup sessiion--then it's back to finding next project hmmm somewhere in there.

  15. I am loving that beautifully organized sewing room, does it need adopting, then would it still keep itself clean??
    You are naughty, I am desperately trying to not start the civil war bug and you are adding to the temptation!
    Love the little easter bag and the pinwheel that had a wash, pinwheels have always impressed me, Tracey

  16. what a lovely sewing space you have. and so beautifully tidy!
    and do i spy a lovely collection of books on quilting?????
    if only i could peruse the shelf, perhaps over a cup of coffee?

  17. Your sewingroom looks lovely and you have beautiful quiltsworks..

    Thanks for your visit in my blogg.

    Take care!


  18. You have a very nice room! so warm and cozy, compliments! your block is very nice and also March block, do you like blue??

  19. What a beautiful sewing room! And there were some very yummy bits and pieces filling it!

  20. All I can say is WOW, I could spend a week straightening my sewing room and it would never look that neat, thank for sharing I love to see others sewing space. Those Civil War blocks are tedious, I put mine on the back burnner for now.

  21. Lovely sewing room! Doesn't it feel good to tidy up? I bet now you can find things that you forgot you had. I just love that Olly, he always makes me smile. By the way, you are my Blog of the Month in my April newsletter. It will be going out via e-mail late in the week. Check it out on my website.

  22. Thank you for letting us visit your sewingroom! It is so nice!

  23. Lovely sewing room and wonderful blog. I enjoy lurking but I thought I'd leave a little "hello".

    In Friendship!

  24. Your sewing room is beautiful! I love the furry little accessory as well...he's the best!


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