Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Harvest Stars

This little lot of goodies arrived yesterday from Foothills Fabric and Threads. It is all the result of the Creative Women Workshop I went to in Launceston last month. The white stuff is Weaveline to which I was introduced by Sarah. It is great for adding to the back of stitcheries to give a bit more stability - also stops your thread ends showing through to the front of your work. The little bottle is Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It which Gail and Rosie both recommend for holding your needleturn applique pieces in place. A tiny spot means you don't need to use pins. Can't wait to try another needleturn project soon - probably Gail's cute bag.
The size 10 straw needles will be great for this. The pink ric-rac was supposed to be for the Sally dolls hair. As I was too eager to get her finished and substituted linen ric-rac, maybe I will have to create a sister for her.
This little quilt is an older creation of mine called Harvest Stars. The pattern was from one of the first quilt books I ever bought called Little Quilts - All Through the House.
Some of the points are cut off and not all the seams match but I like the scrappy, naive feel of it. Most of the time it lives in the lounge room helping to disguise a rather unattractive stereo system!
Finally, thanks to Catherine from Quilt Obsession in Toronto, Canada who has decided to join my Pay It Forward. Catherine is another blogger with beautiful pets - two very cuddly looking pussy cats. There is still room for one more in the PIF and remember you have 365 days to make your gifts.


  1. Love the colours and the scrappy look of your Harvest Stars quilt!!! Its gorgeous sweetie!!

  2. Cut off points? Where? I don't see any! The quilt looks absolutely perfect to me. I just love your fabric choices!

  3. Weaveline is just fantastic have been using that for a while Kerry at Cottage On The Hill introduced us to this great product...needleturn applique I would really like to do that....not sure where to start though.... and as for your quilt Christine, just stunning...all your gear is just so beautiful

  4. Would love to join the Pay It Forward....is it too late

  5. Hey Christine!!
    Did you get an email from Vicki about the Burnie Group?? She had tried to contact you. Also I need your details for the PIF challange.... pleaase :o)
    Just love your Harvest Stars Quilt - very country colours. Looking forward to seeing how you use your weavline??!!
    x Sarah
    PS: I got some glue and needles coming....... :o)

  6. I love the scrappy look on the stars...I don´t mind some cut off points...it adds some charm to it..btw I can´t see some..;D
    I just love Roxannes glue..it´s magical...;D

  7. Yum, yum! Your harvest Stars is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!!

    Oh, those strawneedles are the best! It's my favorite needle for applique! so as Roxanne glue!

  8. Your harvest star quilt is so pretty! It has indeed a scrappy look and i love it!

  9. I love your little quilt!!You did a great job on it and I don't even see the points that are cut off. Is there still room in your PIF?? I would like to join in.

  10. After looking at your stars, I am terribly ashamed of mine, oh, well, maybe I coud beg for lessons?? tee hee
    thanks for sharing,

  11. Scrappy quilts are my passion and yours is wonderful. I have that pattern, maybe I should be looking at it again.


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