Friday, 28 March 2008

Manor House Block

Well, I finally got the centre block of the Ryland Manor BOM done. I hope you didn't hear me swearing at all the 'reverse sewing' I had to do to get the roof unit right! The other units went together like a dream but this one just wouldn't cooperate! After much angst and cursing and a few minor adjustments (!) I am happy and looking forward to next month's challenge.

I have mail. Firstly, a prize I won from Katherine at Quilt Obsession. This is a little shabby chic Inklingo kit she was giving away. The hexagons are printed on the back of the fabric ready to cut and sew. Looks like fun. Isn't her sample gorgeous?

She also sent a very nice notebook and a cute kitty bookmark. Don't know how she knew I'd like that one! Thanks, Katherine.

I also received a parcel of books from Amazon. Through blogging I discovered and fell in love with everything Tilda so had to have these two. They are full to the brim with cuteness! I will have to keep a close eye on these as my sister has become a big Tilda fan too!

Fellow bloggers are also responsible for 'making' me choose these. I have loved seeing the Civil War blocks that lots of you are making and decided I'd have a try to. At the moment I'm just enjoying the books but I guess it won't be long before I'll be posting about some of the easier blocks.

Oliver, the resident quilt inspector (borrowed that title from another blog I read today!) is giving these new books the once over. Maybe he thinks the love letters are for him?

PS. A big thank you to my blogging friend Sarah from Georgetown.


  1. I'm really glad to know the little kit got there . What a great day you had with the mail -- getting all those books!

  2. Love the Manor House, Is it a BOM?Lucky you I'm still waiting to win my firt give away. I think it would be fun to recieve a surpise package.

  3. Well considering all the cussing you have done a great job on the house....nice treats, great books and as for sure that cats not human?

  4. OH! I love your Manor House block!!!! It's very lovely!!
    Seems like you had a wonderful "mail day". *S*
    Can't wait to see your first CW blocks!!!

  5. Ohh...that was why I wasn´t sleeping so good this night...I heard you all the way to Sweden...*LOL*It became it...
    Ohhh you all are going in to theese Civil war sewing...and I´m not...I feel left outside...;D..I said I wasn´t going to do this one...but I guess I will end up sewing them as well...;D

  6. OH your house block is beautiful! I would love to do the Ryland Manor house quilt too. I LOVE that quilt and when I saw it from pictures from a booth at the quilt show in Australia I knew I would love to make it.
    Can't wait for you to start making the CW blocks, you know you will just have too!

  7. Lovely work yet again Christine.!! Glad to see your joining the Civil War!! Also can you please tell me what Tilda means? Happy Sewing! Cathyx

  8. I love the Tilda books too. Was introduced to them by a friend.Only have Sew pretty homestyle though.Must get the others they look great.Jo

  9. The house block looks great, well done! Lucky you getting the great pressie from Catherine!

    er-hm! I've ordered those CW books too... also blame it on fellow bloggers *lol*

  10. wow - when i see what 'real' quilters make, i'm in awe. the house block looks amazing and very tricky.

  11. oh, oh, oh,,,I love the manor house, and it looks perfect with your colors!

    Oliver is right, everyone wants to take a closer look at the books!

    thanks for sharing!

  12. Your house block came out nicely, I guess we were spared the cursing.
    Those are wonderful goodies, love the GFG hexagons.

    Cats are so entertaining. Love the pictures in the cupboard.

  13. Good job on the house block see it's all worth it in the end - you will have fun with those Tilda books the hard part is picking what to make first.

  14. Hmm, may be I should buy me those civil-war books too? I see they are a big hit out in blogland!
    You will love those Tilda-books! Must tell you that the author is norwegian!!


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