Monday, 3 March 2008

Easter Eggs

Made a start on the felt Easter eggs last night. Had a bit of trouble finding a pen that would work on the wool felt so I could draw around the templates. The only one that was the successful was a White Marking Pen by Clover. What do other people use when working with wool felt?

Here's what they look like so far.

I put each egg in it's own little snap lock bag to keep the pieces safe. Just got to go through my thread collection and find some that match so I can get stitching.

Remember the troll stitchery that May Britt sent me? Well, I've made a start - aren't they cute? I'm working in a single thread - two looked too chunky!

If you missed my last post you might want to check back as I'm having a belated giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 posts. To be in the draw for a little prize, leave your answer by Friday 7th March.


  1. Great start on your new projects!!! I just love the little troll stitchery, its too cute!!!

  2. The Troll stitcherie is too cute indeed!

  3. Love the eggs -- think they look super! The Troll stitchery is fun, made me smile.

  4. That troll stitchery is cute, as are the easter eggs.

  5. Oh how cute are these bunny-eggs! Thanks for your visit, I really think all the things you do are gorgeous, I'm going to link your blog since I didn't do that yet!
    Hope to see you again in my nest from so far away!

  6. I don't normally work in felt, so I am unable to help...but the eggs are cute...your little stitchery is just gorgeous...

  7. I use a light weight fusible webbing and trace the pattern on to that, fuse that to the felt and then cut out on the drawn line. Trim the excess away from the edge and you won't even notice it is there.

    The other thing that has worked is a rolling chalk marker. I think the one I have is made by Clover.

  8. Those eggs are soooo cute!! Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with the troll's!!
    x Sarah

  9. The eggs are adorable and the stitchery is coming along very nicely.

  10. Awwww..... those eggs are SO cute!
    I love it, love it!
    and your troll stitchery is Soooo adorable.*S* What a fun to make troll for stitchery!


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