Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter Bag

I made this little bag for my niece Tali from pink sandcastle and some Simplicity fabrics. The pattern is by Lynette Anderson and appeared in Australian Homespun Vol 6 No 2. The original used wool felt for the applique but I didn't have any cream felt so went with cottons instead.

I've seen some great pictures lately of bloggers cats - seems they all like to sit in and on all things quilty. Oliver is no exception - baskets, bags, boxes, cupboards - he has to try them all out. This is what happens when you take a fat quarter bag out of a cupboard - a cat moves in and takes over the space!

Mm, very comfy. And a great view.

Right, yes, she's got the camera out. I better do something cute now!

And how's this?



  1. Well he certainly knows how to work the camera !

  2. Love the little Easter bag. And what cute cat pictures!

  3. Love the bag sweetie!! Oliver is defintley comfortable with the camera, he is so sweet!!! Hope your enjoying your Easter break!!
    Hugs xxx

  4. Christine,
    You have that so right about cats. Lay out something quilt related and they are all over it. My Callie lets me borrow 'her' cutting mat when I need it. She is constantly laying on top of the quilt I have in the frames. LOL Oliver is so cute. Cute bag as well.

  5. Christine,
    I just love the bag, really cute. But of course, you know that I have a fondness for Oliver!! Too cute, he does some of the same things that my Rolo does. Such funny characters, sometimes they impede your quilting progress but give you a good laugh at the same time.

  6. Adorable Easter bag! I love sandcastle -- I wish I had it in every color. Oliver is just saying that he wants you to make him a bag too LOL!

  7. That bag looks familiar! You have done a lovely job of your stitching. What a show off your cat is, mine always runs off when I get the camera out.

  8. Love the Easter bag. The cat pictures are fabulous! Fabric is for kitties to curl up on and be comfortable, isn't it?? That's what our cats have tried to convince me! :-)

  9. Your fabric cupboard is so tidy even with Oliver making himself comfy!!

  10. Beautiful Easter bag for your niece..and as for that cheeky cat word...poser

  11. Hi Christine,
    Lovely bag and gorgeous Oliver. Milly always helps me in the sewing room too, usually cuddles up on my foot or the sewing machine pedal, makes for interesting sewing some days. They love to be involved don't they!! Cathyxx

  12. Ohh..he is some fabric lover...and camera lover too...;D Love to see how well organized you had in your cupboard...not like mine...;D
    And that was a cute bag...guess she was happy to receive it!

  13. That Easter bag is so sweet, great job! And your cat is funny and cute!

  14. What a sweet kitty! He's sure not camera shy! :)

  15. What a dear little bag. Your animals are so cute.

  16. love that cat - brings new meaning to 'cat walk' model!
    love the little bag - how lucky is your niece.

  17. OH I am giggling here about your Cat! I bring new fabric home and sure enough.. cat on fabric...
    I have to run tape on things before I give them away in case it has a fur coat! LOL

    and I know one thing is for sure.. I'll never ever ever make a black quilt with a long haired puss puss!

    I have those civil war books too and Just love them, and once I have finished a couple of epic projects i might actually start them!

    take care and have awonderful weekend!



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