Thursday, 20 March 2008

How Embarrassing!

Well, after 63 posts, last night I made a very embarrassing discovery. When I set up my blog in December, I also started a gmail account to use for my blog emails. To make it easier to manage I set things up so that whenever a comment appears on my blog I get an email in my bigpond account - the account I use for everything else. What I did not realise was that if someone emailed me using the address in my Blogger Profile these messages did not appear in bigpond. Last night I logged into gmail for the first time since December and found 330 emails!!!! I am so embarrassed and if you have sent messages that I didn't reply to I apologise profusely. The good thing is that now I have 'rediscovered' gmail it is going to be so much quicker and easier to reply to all your nice comments.

On a brighter note, thought I would show how my felt Easter eggs are coming along. As often happens, I modified the pattern somewhat! Decided to applique most of the pieces using blanket stitch - looked much neater to me. I also just joined the egg segments with running stitch - my whip stitch looked disgusting and I was quite discouraged for a day or two. After unpicking and resewing with running stitch I am much happier.


Oliver was very interested in this strange basket which had appeared in HIS garden. I use it at school for Easter singing games with the early childhood kids. Came from Spotlight a couple of years ago.

Not to be outdone, Molly had to check things out too.

I will leave you with these pictures of Oliver greeting another one of my school props. Had this bunny for many years and it's always very popular with the kids - quite realistic really and they like to pat it. I picked it up very cheaply after Easter one year.

Nearly forgot - big thanks to Peg who is my third person for the Pay It Forward challenge.


  1. Hello Christine,
    Thank you so much, your gifts arrived and they are beautiful. Feel very privileged to have 3 of your decorations, have added them to my tree!!
    Your bunny eggs are also gorgeous, did you use wool felt? If you did, do you know where i can purchase it from, can only find felt here??
    HAppy Stitching, Cathyxx

  2. Christine, your felt eggs look wonderful, great job!!! Have a wonderful and safe Easter break!!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Your eggs look great so i am glad you are happy with them.
    Ooops on the emails -I wonder what they all said?

  4. Your felt eggs look great, nice to see Olly and Molly taking an interest in what mums doing...

  5. Oh my! Those felt Easter eggs are absolutely adorable!!!!

  6. The eggs are so cute! I made some similar ones last year right before Easter and never got the appliques on!

  7. Those felt eggs are fabulous! What a great idea.
    Have a great Easter.

  8. Gosh Christine! You've been SO busy! I love your little eggs, and pincushion ornaments. And the purse. AND the stars on the quilt. You make me feel the need for a nap LOL!

  9. I absolutely love your eggs. How cute are Olly and Molly. I just love seeing them checking out your work. That is their way of approving it, I'm sure!!

  10. Hi Christine love you eggs and the idea to do the running stitch looks so good.
    cheers Rebecca in NZ

  11. the eggs look good ........I use gmail and when you use it all the time at home on your computer you can have gmail collecting you emails all the time and it had a little envelope down in the corner which goes blue when you have new mail........

  12. I bet you were shocked to find so many comments. Your eggs turned out lovely, aren't cats the most curious and fun.

  13. Love the felt eggs, Christine! Very cute.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  14. What lovely eggs! My prep and grade one kids love to sing too. They sing the alphabet song as well as 12345 once i saw a fish alive. If i don't play the CD because we don't have time, they sing on their own! Hmmm.

  15. The "eggs" are really cute!

  16. Very cute felt-eggs!
    Happy Easter!

  17. LOL!! So you came accross my email then LOL!!
    Love your little eggs, they are just so cute xx
    x Sarah

  18. Don't worry, we all do those kinds of things when getting organized with this blogger stuff!
    Love the eggs and the pinscushions, very cute,Happy Easter Tracey

  19. Happy Easter! I love your felt eggs they look great. Must do some for next Easter thanks for sharing. Jo

  20. Hello Christine,

    I really love everything in your blog, I'll come back regulary now :)
    Your cat and dog are lovely!!!
    Greetings from Berlin


  21. i love your easter eggs almost as much as your pets!
    goodluck getting through those emails!!!


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