Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mrs Perkins and some Pincushions

Well done girls. Lots of you correctly guessed that the mystery project was Mrs Perkins by Melly and Me and here she is. The fabric I used was from a range called Cotton Candy by Max New Australia - very different from my usual style but I love her. She blends in well with the Easter decorating I am attempting.

Her eyes are supposed to be made from felt but mine looked horrible so I've used buttons instead. She was lots of fun to make and I found the pattern clear and easy to follow. Thinking I might make another using reproduction fabrics.

I took her outside for a while this morning and of course Oliver was near by.

I guess you want to know who won the giveaway. I decided to draw out two names - one for the girls who gave the correct answer and the second for everyone who took the time to leave a comment. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. So the winners are Helz and Catherine. Catherine is a new blogger who is also from Tasmania (and another teacher) so you might like to drop by and welcome her to blogland. If Helz and Catherine could email me their snail mail addresses I will post your prize very soon.

I have had a very bad cold/flu the last few days - Thursday and Friday home from work. One of the perils of teaching is the little darlings love to share their germs with you. I was too sick to do much stitching but did manage to catch up with some blog reading and commenting. There are so many blogs I love to visit that it's easy to get behind. In Tasmania, it is a long weekend so hopefully by Tuesday I'll be back on deck.

Carey at Blueberry Lane has a giveaway for a pincushion book by Lynette Anderson. These are my ornamental pincushions - too nice to use. I didn't make the chook one - I think it came from the Quilt Patch in Launceston many years ago.

This is the pincushion I use everyday. It is very faded and has lots of holes and even a couple of rust marks! Apparently, it also smells quite interesting!

I have finished stitching the little trolls - not quite sure how I will finish them yet. Working in a single colour certainly makes for quick stitching.

Today I'm intending to work on the felt Easter Eggs and start stitching the centre block of the Ryland Manor BOM. Will show some pictures soon.


  1. What a beautiful job you made of Mrs Perkins, you have stuffed it perfectly.
    I have been off work with a cold too,Hope I didnt spread it over blogland!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you were down and out with the flu...Mrs Perkins is so cute...

  3. Was wondering if you were unwell, you've been very quiet this week.
    Mrs Perkins is gorgeous!! I have been tempted to buy this pattern and make her for my neice, now Im convinced I will!! Yours looks terrific and the fabric you have used looks great against your Easter tree!!
    I am really excited about winning your draw, Thank you!! Cathy

  4. Oh, So sorry to hear that you were'nt feeling well. Hopefully You'll be better soon.
    BTW, Mrs. Perkins is so cute! She made me smile. How lovely she is...
    and your pincushions are adorable. I love your old pincushion. love the way faded... It look wonderful, rustic and whimsy. :-)

  5. Hope your feeling better sweetie!!
    Mrs Perkins looks gorgeous, I love those colours. I want to make one for my niece's birthday!!
    Hope your enjoying your weekend!!

  6. I absolutely love how Mrs. Perkins turned out. Great choice of fabrics and wonderful eyes! I just love Oliver, aren't cats the most curious creatures!
    Your right kids do carry lots of germs "walking petri dishes", but we love them just the same!!! I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Ohhh...she became so pretty and she is a fantastic match with your easterdecorating!! Love thoose eggs too..pretty! Wish we had them in Sweden...;D
    Hope you get better soon and take care!!
    Hugs Stina
    (Love your wellused pincushion...;D)

  8. Welcome Mrs Perkins.. She looks just perfect and I love the fabric she is made of.It looks a bit difficult to make her "head" , the eyes and the other things wich is sticking out. You know what I mean but I don't know the names..
    Your Pincushions are beautiful especially the one with red Stitchery on it.

  9. I love the trolls and Mrs Perkins is very cute. I know what you mean about the little children sharing there germs. I work with 5-12 year old autistic children and there is always at least one of them with a runny nose.

  10. Thanks for your comment. I love to visit your blog. It is one of my favorites. I especially enjoy seeing your pets. We don't have any pets now - just grandcats! The trolls are sure cute! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I have your blog on my links. Can you add me to yours? It still amazes me that we are corresponding with people from the other side of the world! It seems like Australia, Norway and the US are hotbeds of quilting, but I guess other countries are as well.

  11. Wow you have been busy. I love the trolls and the Max new fabric. I saw some locally and that one that you have used was my favourite.

  12. I love the photo of Olivers tale with Mrs Perkins. Congrats to Helz & Catherine. I like that middle pin cushion.

  13. Oh I love Mrs Perkins! So tender.. I love it! hope you feel better now

  14. Hope you are on the mend & back to stitching soon. Love the fabric you have chosen for Mrs Perkins. And the redwork pincushion is a particular favourite - don't suppose you would remember what pattern was used for it? Have a great week.

  15. Mrs Perkins is a wonderful easter addition. Love the fabric.

    The best pincushions are the old faded and well used ones.

  16. I so enjoy your blog! Mrs. Perkins is just sooo cute! I wonder if I can find the pattern in US. The fabric I see on blogs from Australia are so different from what I see here - love them.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  17. Your Mrs Perkins looks great, Christine! Job very well done! And the buttons looks great as eyes!

    Lots of cute pincushions!
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the troll stitchery!

  18. Lovely Mrs Perkins Christine. I have almost the exact fabric to make for me ( my fabric is the blue and red, with blue spot for the hooves.
    Thank you for also visiting my blog.
    Hugs Nic

  19. Mrs Perkins is absolutely amazing!


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