Sunday, 6 April 2008

A Lazy Weekend

Yes, I'm still here. I was so busy with work this week that stitching and blogging didn't get much of a look in. Thank you to everyone who left nice comments about my tidy stitching room. It's still looking good - but I suspect that is because I've not been in there much!

Yesterday I was very lazy and spent much of the day watching TV while working on this Christmas stitchery. It is a Making Spirits Bright design by Kim Shillington and I stitched it on tea dyed sandcastle fabric. The Material Girls invited me to join in with their Christmas in July Swap so I needed to get this done quickly so it can be passed on to one of the other girls to finish for me. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

This morning I worked on my Easter version of Lynette's rabbit block from her Noah's Ark BOM. I know I've mentioned before that I do a lot of stitching with Oliver on my lap - well here's the proof!

He's such a snuggly little puss. Purrs away for hours on end! Excuse the stunning pyjamas - fashionista I'm not! Just realised they have penguins on them which I guess is quite appropriate considering where I live.

Here's the finished stitchery in a frame - quite cute.

I took it outside for a few photos and of course the other half of the quilt inspection team was on hand to assist.

This is my 'magazine standard' shot!

To finish I need to say thank you to Jackie from Canton Village Quiltworks. Jackie is one of those lucky bloggers who earns her living in the quilting industry. In addition to her blog she has a website to support her machine quilting business. (Have a look in the gallery of customer quilts to see what a great long arm quilter Jackie is.) One feature of her website is a monthly newsletter which includes a blog of the month section. I was very humbled to find out that Jackie chose Auntie's Quaint Quilts for her April Blog of the Month. Thanks Jackie. I am continually amazed that so many people drop by to check me out - though I'm sure Olly and Molly are the real attraction! Did you notice I added a map - it's fascinating to see where your readers are from. Until next time:


  1. We don't really visit for the sweet pets but too be continually amazed by how much you get finished!!!

  2. Congratulation!! Blogger of the Month!! I visit because I love checking out you terrific work. I also think Molly has a gorgeous face!! Cathyx

  3. Oh wow Congrats on Blogger of the Month!! You do amazing work and its not overshadowed by your gorgeous pets!!! Love the Xmas stitchery, too cute!!!

  4. Hi Christine,
    Ooooh, I love that Christmas stitchery and of course Lynette's BOM. I just downloaded the 2nd month and already finished it...I was too excited and couldn't wait! I was very proud to name you as blog of the month, because you truly are an inspiration to me and others. I echo their sentiments. I love coming to your blog to see all you beautiful work. Yes, we love Molly and Olly, but you and your work are the main reason for visiting. By the way, my Rolo loves doing just what Olly is doing and purrs quite loudly as well. He is up on my newest post inspecting as well!

  5. The stitchery is cute, but Oliver is even more cuter. Blogger of the month...that's great :)

  6. I love to check your blog because you do beautiful work! I love your style. I couldn't find the map, though. Love your quilt inspectors as well.

  7. Well done with your 'April Blog of the Month' both your stitcheries, rabbits look great in the frame.

  8. Oliver is gorgeous. It's amazing what positions these cats work themselves into. Love your stitching as well!!

  9. The easter stitchery is lovely! Actually it would be nice for all year round.
    I love stitching in PJs- it makes it so much more relaxing!

  10. you shouldn't be surprised , your blog is wonderful!

  11. What a cute display of the little stitchery!
    And congrats on the Blog of the month!


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