Monday, 25 January 2010

Foul to Fabulous!!

Last week I decided it was finally time to do something about this!!

Isn't that gross!!!

With some help from this tutorial and some fabric from my stash I came up with this.

Quite an improvement, I'm sure you'd agree!!

Replaced the old iron with this little beauty ...

so hopefully you'll never be subjected to the grossness of the first two photos ever again!!

Just this week there was a lovely pattern for an ironing board cover on the Moda Bake Shop. It uses a jellyroll and looks delightful ... maybe next time.

As for other sewing, I've been working on this log cabin quilt started in 2008.

Only have to handsew the binding and it will be finished. Yippee!

Finally, here's Oliver watching me as I 'work' on the computer.

PS. Sarah is having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate 3 years in blogland. Pop over to check out her lovely prizes but be warned ... the needlecase is mine!!!


  1. Doesn´t it feel fun to be ironing again..:o)
    Good luck with bindings..:o) Oliver is the sweetest kitty..:o)

  2. Nifty new ironing board cover. And a new iron to go with it. You are moving your decor to a new level.
    That is such a cute picture of Oliver. We don't have any pets but I do enjoy seeing cute pet photos.

  3. That first ironing board picture is just sad!! But I love the fabric you recovered it with! That's a job well done! Love the quilt too! :0)

  4. What an adorable little face!!

    ttfn :) Yuki

  5. Two finishes that even coordinate! How cool is that, Christine!

    I'm also looking at your iron with envy. I know mine is on it's last legs and will have to purchase a new one shortly.

    I think Oliver approves...he's got that "look" about him.

  6. Can't believe you were ironing on that! You'll enjoy ironing (if that's really possible) on the new cover!

  7. Your old ironing board cover looks like mine! Love the log cabin quilt and your cat is so cute.

  8. My ironing board cover is in rather desperate condition -- so I think I'll follow your example and try to make one!
    The look on Oliver's face is priceless!

  9. Very nice! I saw that post on the Moda Bake shop and get very tempted but my ironing board cover hasnt quite got that bad yet... Look forward to seeing your log cabin finished :-)

  10. Christine... thats pretty bad LOL!! My old one was not that bag, it was my Mum's and the legs were starting to rust too so I got a new one... though looking at it now, there is a yellow starting to appear!!
    Love that log cabin.... I remember it from your blog from ages ago!
    x Sarah

  11. Love the log cabin, the colours are lovely. The best ironing board cover I ever made, was sewn up using upholstery weight fabric. It discoloured, but never ripped.

  12. That ironing board cover is just beautiful! Thank you for the link to the tutorial. Here is to getting your log cabin finished!! And oh, my dear sweet Oliver, you are doing just what my little sweetie was doing today, except he was laying next to the sewing machine.

  13. Ii am always ruining mine, good idea. My kitty gives me the same look when she watches me do things.


  14. I'm planning to redo my small ironing board cover too, though I'm happy with my ancient Rowenta that leaks like a sieve if I forget and put water in it. All the new irons shut themselves off after a few minutes, and that drives me nuts! lol Your new cover looks terrific; I hope mine turns out that well.

    Happy ironing,

  15. Oliver is gorgeous! What a sweet face!

    Love the ironing board cover too...great link..I'll remember that one the next time I wear out the middle of mine.

  16. Yum, gotta love these finishes, and a greatly improved ironing board, the irons and covers don't last long with this little hobby!

  17. Oh Christine - I remember that quilt - remember I offered to adopt it??? Maybe I will have to kidnap it? The colours are scrumptious!

  18. Hi Christine, your ironing board looks much nicer now, how did you manage to iron on the old one. Your log cabin quilt is stunning, well done.

  19. Amazing difference. Love the brown and blue quilt.

  20. Lovely ironing board cover. LOVE the Log Cabin quilt and sweetie pie kitty. Karmen

  21. Your ironing board looks nicer now ;)
    Love the log cabin-quilt, and Oliver is just wonderful!!

  22. A new ironing cover this beautiful would almost make ironing fun!

  23. My golly gosh I just LOVE your logcabin that Vicksburg fabric????
    Your ironing board looks much better; mmm mine is almost as bad as the first couple of pic's....

  24. Christine,

    You inspired me:

    Susan in Texas

  25. Yes indeed! A lovely improvement and Oliver is just a cutie watching you!


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