Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bring on the Holidays!

Well, I'm back from a little unplanned blog break. No major excuses ... just tiredness, work commitments and a very slow and utterly frustrating internet connection. Apologies if I haven't replied to emails and comments .... hanging out for the school holidays when I will catch up with everyone again. (8 more work days .... yippee!)

I've spent most of the weekend doing housework and putting up the last of the Christmas decorations. This is a santa I made a few years ago ... I think it was a Judy Golder kit. Cathy has his identical twin on her blog.

I am hopeless with paint! These are a couple of my favourite purchased decorations.

My SSCS parcel has landed. A huge parcel arrived from Donna in Arizona. I nearly died when I saw how much the postage had cost her!
Oliver is in shock too! Bloggers are such generous people.

Hopefully I'll be back soon. Need to take a few photos of some recent thrift shop purchases to show you.


  1. wow thats some size parcel Christine dont forget to show the contents LOL

  2. Hello Christine, wow impressive package.Love your painted Christmas decorations. Regards Lyn

  3. That is a lot of postage (esp. when you think what it would be in Aus dollars). The SSCS has been such fun!!!

  4. What a generous swap partner you had!! I can't wait to see what she sent you :o).
    I love your Santa sitting on the gorgeous festive runner!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. Glad you are we can see all the lovely christmas things in your house!!!
    Love the new header!!! :o)
    And wow that in the world are you going to hold yourself and not open it!!

  6. My SSCS has arrived, too - hasn't this been so much fun? Chookyblue (Donna) should be so proud - I would love to see her face after we
    have all opened our presents!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  7. Glad you are back! I love your decorations. I have to say I was having Oliver withdrawls too! There is a Rolo siting today on my blog. Look at that package you received, oh my!! I just can't wait to see what is in it....

  8. The SSCS has been such fun! Waiting to open the packages just extends the fun I think.

  9. I love your Christmas decorations, I have the same skinny santa ornament on my tree. The package is sure a big one, can't wait to see what's inside.

  10. I better not dare you to open it! Great parcel, very generous Santa!!

  11. That is a big parcel...and a lot of postage!
    Very lovely of your'll have fun opening it ..

  12. Beautiful decorations - I love the hanging angel holding the star.

  13. Wow -- what a parcel that looks like!! Are you going to be able to hold off opening it till Christmas?
    Your Christmas decorations are wonderful!

  14. Your Santa is so cute! You really got a special parcel! I'm already so curious! How can you wait until Christmas???

  15. that is a lot of postage. This year is the first year I never sent a parcel to Britain, I used instead to send gifts, as it was free postage with them.

    Gill in Canada


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