Tuesday 22 December 2009

Workshop with Kerry Swain

Last month I went to a workshop at Calico Crossroads led by Kerry Swain.

Pauline's store has lots of nice country gifts as well as fabrics and quilting supplies.

It was a 2 day workshop and was lots of fun ... nice people and LOTS of nice food.
Here is Sarah

and Vicki and Sue working very hard.

We worked on this mystery quilt designed by Kerry which she called Georgetown Circle.

Kerry's quilt was made from a range of flannels. (Sorry can't remember the name!)

As you can see there were lots of different fabric palettes used. Sarah's husband chose her fabrics ... she is giving it to him for Christmas.

Here is Vicki's quilt ... she has already had it quilted!

Some of the other quilts made at the workshop ... can't remember who did what!


Next time, I will show you the quilt I made using Rouenneries. As usual, it ended up a bit different to the others!


  1. what a wonderful looking shop!! I have no quilt shop near by - all who do are very lucky indeed. The closest nice quilt shop for me is a little over an hour away. She is only open two days a week and is mainly one that is a vendor and travels a lot.

  2. Lovely, lovely work and I am always suprised how different quilts can look with the exact same pattern!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. ooooooooooooooo I'd love to be let loose in that shop with a full credit card, ooo it's a warm fuzzy kinda feeling, how exciting

  4. Hi Christine!
    Looks like a lot of fun in that class. So many beautiful quilts.
    I wanted to hop over and invite you to visit my blog and my website on January 1st. I'll be starting my new FREE block of the month stitchery series called, "A Sentimental Journey Through The Months." There will be a giveaway each month too! Hope you can make it and bring some friends along for the fun!
    bunny hugs,

  5. I like the topmost one most in creme and crimson combination ...with roses in the center...the Georgian as you call it.Wonderful creativity.


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