Friday 6 November 2009

Shopping and Stitching

This is what happened last Sunday when I tried to take some pictures of my shopping from A Christmas Gathering.

A certain cat decided it looked like a good place for him to sit. Thanks Oliver!

On Monday (when Oliver was inside snoozing in his basket in my sewing room!) I snuck outside and was much more successful. Along with lots of ladies, I purchased a copy of Rosie's gorgeous new book.

Many of the projects are made from her own line of fabric, Grandmother's Flower Garden.
I took home a few fat 1/8'ths and a couple of larger pieces.

Also found these beauties to add to my wool stash.

Everyone recieved one of these lovely Christmas hearts as a gift. At the end of the day I was able to purchase some more and took home an extra one for me and two for my sister. Everyone also had a beautifully crafted name tag to wear made by the very talented Jo.

On Sunday I experimented with some quilting using a decorative stitch on my machine.

I think it looks quite cute and it was really easy to do.

his is the back of the little quilt which is pieced from scraps leftover from An Angel Story.

The top of An Angel Story is all finished. I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it yet ... hopefully soon.

Finally here is another block of Little Patchwork Village. Only 1 and a bit stitcheries left to do on this one.

I was too tired after work this week to do much on any of my many current projects. The eyes just wouldn't focus! Hopefully the weekend will be more productive.


  1. wow - you've been busy! I can't wait to see your Angel's story quilt top in that range of fabric, it is one of my favourites!

  2. Hi Christine,
    Oliver is a wag!! Love your purchases, you really were the shopping queen on the day!! Your quilting looks great....Well Done!!
    I love your little green fat quarter tub...can I ask were you purchased it from??
    Hope you have a productive stitching weekend!

  3. Once again very cute photos of your 'helper'!!!

  4. Now if you WANTED to take a picture of your cat he wouldn't pose...that's always the way! Too cute and so are your quilts! Just lovely! I really liked the way you quilted with a fancy did you do that without your quilting foot on? Must try that!!
    Take care!

  5. Nice show and tell by your purchases and treats...and the quilting looks good I might have to try that...

  6. That Oliver!! Love your quilting and your treats.

  7. I hope Oliver approved of your purchases?Lol! He's so cute! I love what you've done with the quilting and looking forward to seeing all the quilt! Lisa

  8. What a wonderful post... love the wool. I have no wool in my stash, But your colors make me kick it o=around a little. I printed out your photo with the different stitches. What a neat idea!!! I have to share it with a couple of friends.

  9. You've been busy. I love the decorative stitching, really looks so pretty with those fabrics. I'm in love with those grandmother's flower garden fabrics. Cats - why do they do that?

  10. Hello Christine,

    I just stumbled across your blog -- what a LOVELY blog! Your work is just as lovely.

  11. Your quilting is gorgeous Christine, what a fun idea to use a decorative stitch!!
    I love Oliver, he's so funny ;o).
    Joy :o)

    Wonderful purchase ... that was exactly what I had bought
    And a top finish.. congratulations... love to see it all finished..guess I have to wait a little... ;o)

  13. I love your stitchery, must get started on that quilt myself. Oliver looks a lot like my Crazy Cat :) I have four cats now, we adopted my mother inlaws cat when we lost her to the cancer recently. He is sleepeing in one of my quilt baskets here in my sewing room. I think I will make him a soft little quilt to sleep on, poor thing.

  14. Gorgeous wool and I love the village blocks. Cats always know how to be the center of attention, don'tthey?

  15. Hey Christine!
    It was a great day wasnt it?! Rosies new book has some lovely things in it... And, that fabric - was nicer than I expected!
    Love your decorative stitching - My Mum usually does this on most of her quilts and it looks fantastic - I am yet to experiment :+)
    x Sarah

  16. Hi Christine, your patchwork village looks fabulous, I love the colours; the wool is gorgeous, I have just started collecting wool and will have to contact the girls at Quilted Crow and get some too. Your stitches on the little scrap quilt looks great, more attractive than straight stitch, don't you come up with some marvellous things when you play with your sewing machine, good idea for left over scraps, as for Oliver he is as cute as him.

  17. Oliver was helping -- making sure you had coordinating fabrics and such! :-) Lovely little quilt with that decorative stitching!

  18. Why do cats always do that?! I have actually come close to snipping Georgie's whiskers off when she gets her nose in the way of the scissors!

    Your work is - as ever - just lovely. x

  19. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the gathering! And you treated yourself well, love your buyings!

  20. Hello Christine, I love attending workshops with Leanne and Rosie...sounds like you had a great time.....I miss my old brother sewing used to do a beautiful feather and fan stitch...Warm Regards Lyn

  21. I like your experiment and I love your stitchery

  22. That just looks like shopping heaven to me!
    I've been eyeing up Rosalie's new book and fabrics. I saw a picture of some pink canisters that are in the book that just sold it instantly to me.
    Love that star block with the Christmas house stitchery. Beautiful work as always.



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