Monday, 7 September 2009

Friends Forever

Very pleased to say I'm half way through my last An Angel Story block. No pictures yet so thought you might like to see one of my older projects.

I bought the pattern and fabric for this Chook Shed cushion at A Little Different in Geelong about 8 years ago. I remember that I really liked the shop sample and they were kind enough to make me up a kit to take home.


It was the first time I'd done button holes with my machine and though they look at bit dodgy now, I was quite pleased at the time. (Please don't look too closely at the awful zig-zagging!)

Of course, Oliver was about when I was taking these photos .....

although rather dopey. Probably a good thing .... kept him out of mischief!

I have noticed that my photos have been 'unclickable' in the last few posts. Anyone know why this might be so .... it is a mystery to me!


  1. I have the pattern for An Angels Story but haven't even started on mine yet. I have many other projects to finish first. Your little cushion is so cute! :0)

    About your photos...I know if you move them in the compose mode of blogger they won't click to enlarge. You have to move them in the HTML mode of the post for them to be clickable. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Christine, Thanks for the comment on the pink quilt. Lucky you being on hols. Here in Victoria, we have another 2 weeks to go before a break and then we do the the twelve week term. A Little Different is one of my fav shops in Victoria, although I never seem to get the time to get down there much anymore. As to Angel Story, you are much further along than I am. Your colours are lovely. Congratulations. I'm home sick today so between time with the tissue box and resting, I am poking around in the sewing room.
    I've just found a BOM that I bought in 2005....I don't need to buy any more projects! C

  3. Adorable cushion. And, of course, Oliver steals the show!

  4. Oliver is eyeing up that cushion, in fact it looks like he's in love with it, I cant say I blame him.

  5. That cushion is just adorable, Christine!

  6. So cute. You did a great job.

  7. Love the cushion- the appliques are sweet on it and so is your kitty.
    Have a wonderful quilty day.

  8. Very cute friendship blocks! And your sweet kittie must be a wonderful companion.

  9. What's wrong with your stitching? It looks great to me! That's a very pretty cushion.

  10. Your pillow looks so nice. I have the same pattern someehere in my boxes. You gave me an idea of what to do.

  11. The cushion is so cute and so wonderfully blanket stitched! Love the picture where you see the heart and your cute cat!


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