Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Few Thank You's

I have been very slack in not showing these goodies sooner. A couple of weeks ago a very intriguing parcel arrived from Sweden and my blogging friend, Stina. Inside were all these lovely Tilda items ... Stina knows I adore Tilda and that this brand is not available in Australia so I was 'over the moon' to receive them. I love the Vintage Angel and will enjoy doing the delightful stitcheries. Thank you so much, Stina. (Click on the picture for a closer look at all this gorgeousness.)

Oliver and I were recently nominated for the Brillante Weblog Award by the 'quirky quilter' and her cat Lestat and also by Leanne of Lizzie's Page. Quirky is a blogger from Western Australia, a primary school teacher and a new blogger to me. These are the kind words she wrote:

'Christine’s blog makes me smile. I enjoy reading what she writes and looking at all the eye candy she posts…whether it is something she has made, a WIP, somewhere she has been and especially Oliver. Nice to know that I don’t have the only crazy quilting cat in Australia! This blog has Lestat’s vote too…besides being a quilting cat, he is a bit of a blogger, too!'

Thanks Quirky and Leanne. I am supposed to nominate 7 more blogs but just 7 is impossible for me. If your blog is listed on my sidebar consider yourself nominated. I love visiting you all ... blogland is so inspiring.

Last night I signed up for Chookyblue's 2008 Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I enjoyed following this swap last year when I was just a 'lurker' ... this year I will be part of the action! I imagine it will fill up quickly so get on over to Donna's blog if you want to be involved.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


  1. Still in two minds about this one.

  2. You are so lucky receiving such a gorgeous pressie from Stina. Tilda is so great isn't it!! I got an award as first in fact. Very exciting for both of us. I have signed up with Chookyblue as well and can't wait to find out who my partner will be. Jo x

  3. Hey There Christine... Adore the Vintage Angel Stina sent you... How lucky are you ??? I also signed up for Chookyblue's Swap last night... Lotsa Fun !

  4. I signed up too, love all things xmassy. I've got two Tilda books, I'll bring them to the QC gathering.

  5. I missed out : ( boo hoo hoo

    Ohhhh TILDA - yum yum yum - do bring for show and tell at QC gathering (BI GRIN)

  6. Lucky you .... I wish we could get Tilda here I love her designs I have 3 of her books.

  7. Hi Christine!
    I have to catch up with older posts! Congratulations to you! You finished so many lovely projects for Peg's challenge! I love the Snowmen wallhanging, it is so pretty!
    And I also love all the goodies you got from Stina, I'm also a great fan of Tilda.
    And congrats for the award, you deserve it!

  8. You got some nice things there! Enjoy!
    And yes, I've also signed up for the SSCS! I was in last year and it was fun!

  9. I have signed up as well, I really enjoyed that swap last pleased you are now sharing your talents and no longer a lurker!! Tracey

  10. What gorgeous patterns! I love the vintage angel.....


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