Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My Sewing Angel

Went up to my sisters on Monday. While the kids vacuumed and washed my car, I did some reverse sewing for her. Unpicking your own stuff is horrible, but when it's someone elses 'disaster' you're trying to rescue it's not so bad.

This is one of Kathy's stitcheries I thought you might like to see.

We think it is one of Lynette Anderson's designs. I have an unfinished one lying around somewhere ... just needs to sew the buttons on. Will have to do something about that.

Before I go, here is a photo of George. As a kitten, George lived with my Mum and Dad. He stayed with us when they went on holiday once and never went home! We still had George when Oliver was a kitten ... they used to wash each other. Unfortunately, George didn't hit it off with one of our neighbours so he went to live with Kathy and the kids. As you can see, he is now very contented and comfortable.

PS. The kids did an OK job cleaning the car, so we took them to see Prince Caspian at the movies yesterday.


  1. Wow, I love the block, but what I love even more is getting the kids to do chores while you are having a little fun! The block is gorgeous, very whimsical. I love George,he reminds me of a cat that I had named Humphrey. He was black and white and was such a sweet soul. I miss him. That Oliver, was a little naughty boy! How funny, the cats are always wanting to "help" out, but end up getting into trouble. He is soooo cute!

  2. Great block, I used the same one in a cushion for a friend last Christmas.
    Happy sewing

  3. Gosh Christine -- you've been busy! I love all your stitchery and kitty pictures!

  4. I had a cat called George when I was living in Canada and he had the same colouring as your George...I can't believe how similar they look...I had to do a double take! He looks very content.

  5. Good idea let the kids work...So you had more time quality time together...
    Lovely stitching!!

  6. Such a lovely block! I love this angel. :-)

  7. how was prince caspian - i can't wait to see it myself.
    our cat keeps getting beaten up by a really big cat from next door - i feel so sorry for her as she is so small and petite. good to hear that george is happy!

  8. The stitched Angel is precious! Now it is a must you finish yours...she's just so pretty!

    George is so "chilled" his eyes are stunning! He's lucky his is in such a loving family to accomodate him so well 8-)

  9. It's a very cute stitchery block!!!
    A big kiss for George!!!

  10. Your sewing angel is beautiful.
    Kind regards

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    From the Netherlands

  11. Next time I need to do some ripping out I know where to send it :)
    I enjoyed George's story and your sister did a great job on the stitchery.
    How fun that you are both into the same hobbies.

  12. I have just found your blog, from the Quilting Bloggers & I have just loved your posts, & all your lovely work! Love your dog, & also your cat. I will be back.

  13. Your sister has done a great job with the stitchery and I love the bright colours. It must be great to have a sister you can be close with. Stay kreative!

  14. I really love the stitcheries! Beautiful, articulate work! Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed my visit here and I will be back!

  15. Hows the holidays? Sounds like you have been busy? Great Angel stitchery!! Cathyxx

  16. OMG, that sewing angel is too cute!!! I couldn't get over how small the rotary cutter was and you even stitched the name on it..Great job!!


  17. The sewing angel is cute, like you I have mine somewhere! May be I should dig it out and do something with it!


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