Thursday, 7 February 2008

Stash Buster Flimsy

Last night I sewed the nine blocks of the stashbuster quilt together so it's now a flimsy. It went together very easily and I think I might do another in a different colour palette soon. I'm wondering whether it needs a border or not. What do you think? There's probably enough scraps left for a scrappy binding but I'd need to find something else for a border. Before I went to school this morning, I took these photos to share.

Usually it's Oliver who has to be in every shot but today it was Molly's turn!

She certainly seems to be giving her seal of approval. Looking very relaxed.

Oliver was being a bit silly. Here is his impression of a meercat!

I wanted him to come and sit with Molly for a nice picture together but he wasn't interested. He just wanted to race around and sniff everything! This is the best I could get.

I have had requests for more shots of Molly and Olly so hope you liked todays post. I've just found out I will be working nearly full-time this year. (.9 which is 9/10 of a full-time load) Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to post quite as often as I have been, but I'll do my best.


  1. Love your colours...have been really fond of pink lately ...;D I would have made a border out of maybe browns (or another) in different kind of fabrics to frame the quilt...
    Have been scrolling through your website with sure make me happy..

    Hugs from Sweden

  2. love the quilt.
    love molly and olly.
    so sad to hear you wont be posting as much - but i can understand why. i don't get around to posting that often and i'm home full time!

  3. this looks really good. Must admit I wasn't so keen on the one in the link you posted, but yours has come up great.

  4. Love the fabric and the quilt, must go back and check out the site on your previous post..Olly and Molly seem happy with mums work.

  5. Lovely sleeping Molly - lovely quilt shame about work cutting into blogging and crafting time.

  6. I am in love with the color choices you made, eye candy. The word fflimsy is new to me in quilt language.. I like it. I'm sorry you won't be posting but life comes first. I'll keep checking back, you are on my blog feed, I enjoy your blog.

  7. Your flimsy is wonderful! Thanks for the great pics of Molly and Oliver. They are so photogenic! I hope your work doesn't keep you away too much. I would miss your posts.

  8. The quilttop is lovely. Can’t blaim Molly and Olly they like it! They are too cute. I understand when you can’t post a lot when you are working full-time. I hope you will be able to post every now and then to see what you are making! Take care!

  9. Isn't it great to clean up some of your stash? I like the quilt and colors you picked. I do think it needs some kind of border. However, Molly doesn't look like she really cares. I love your pictures of Molly and Olly. Happy Quilting!

  10. Love your quilt. The fabrics are great. And all from your stash!

  11. Oh, my.... It's very beautiful. I love the color, fabrics,just perfect.
    Olly and Molly are so cute with your wonderful quilt.

  12. Beautiful quilt and love the colors. And your pets are doing great to. A border well I am a bit lost. I might have choosen solid blue,but that would be me!

  13. I love your blog with all the beautiful photos and fun things to read. Thanks for also stopping by my blog recently.

  14. I vote for some kind of border, in case you're counting. Maybe Molly would just stay on the flimsy and it would be so lovely you wouldn't need to add a thing ;-)
    thanks for sharing,

  15. Thanks for sharing both the flimsy and Molly and Oliver. Molly seems especially content.I also vote for a border. Hmm wonder what a pink stripe would do?

  16. The quilt top looks great. I might even try one like this. I hope you still get plenty of time for sewing with the extra work load.

  17. What a character Olly is! I love his stand up meercat pose :)
    It's a pretty quilt and looks easy enough that even I could do it.


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