Saturday, 9 February 2008

Molly's Quilt

Yesterday I found out that I was the winner of May Britt's January WISP Challenge. Very exciting. May Britt challenged her fellow bloggers to see how many Works in Slow Progress (WISPs) they could complete in the month of January. They had to be projects started in December 2007 or earlier. Most of my projects had been hanging around in boxes and cupboards for 5 - 10 years so it was good to complete them. There are still plenty more waiting completion but not as many as there would have been without the motivation provided by the challenge.

May Britt has generously provided a prize which is coming to Australia from Norway with Anne Ida. (There is a picture of a very nicely wrapped parcel on May Britt's blog. Can't wait to show what's inside.) I am going to meet Anne Ida and her Tasmanian friend Rose from Threadbare Creations, in Launceston, next Saturday, at a quilter's workshop. Well done to everyone else who finished some WISPs. We are all winners for participating and I enjoyed seeing your finishes on your blogs.

Now to today's sewing. Molly posed so nicely with the Stashbuster Quilt I decided to make her one of her own. I searched through my boxes of plaid fabrics to find some that would hopefully not show up her golden hairs too much. (Eventually decided against the darker ones and substituted some more lights.)

It was a bit windy when I was taking these snaps but managed this one which wasn't too bad.

Molly closely inspected my fabric choices and the accuracy of the seams ...

thought about it for a while ...

then passed her final judgement. Phew! Looks like everythings ok. A picture tells a thousand words.

Oliver Henry had a lazy old day. This is where he was while I was piecing Molly's quilt. He is quite a basket case! If there is one about, he's in it. (Whether he fits or not!) No doubt he will join Molly on her quilt. When it's cold they like to snuggle up together.


  1. Nothing better that a quilt top that passes the test. Love it!

  2. Wonderful pictures! I´m sitting here with a big smile on my face :)
    Dogs and quilts...gotta love them!

  3. Once again, congrats on your award, the best WISPer of January... I just love those photos of your cat and dog, they seem to be as nice as my cat and dog! Enjoy the meeting with Rose and Anne Ida. I met Anne Ida in October in Oslo, and she is a very nice and friendly person.

  4. Congrats on winning the challenge. Love the photo's of Molly, she looks like she's smiling in the last one.

  5. Congratulations on winning the prize at May Britt’s. I’m not surprised, you are a real stash buster! Molly looks so happy with the new quilt!
    I love the plaid fabrics.

  6. Well Miss Molly really is good on 'quality control'..I love to see I am not the only person who makes quilts for their four legged kids...I have had some funny looks over the years when I have told people I have made a quilt for my dogs...Well done with the award 24 WISP is so good....

  7. Congrats on winning and finishing your WISP's . What a great idea to create Molly her own quilt. It looks like she loves it. And Olly is doing what cats do best, in a basket relaxing. By the way, you've been tagged by me, check your e-mail and my blog for the rules

  8. Congrats on your award. :-)
    Ooooo, Your plaids stash looks so yummy. and again, boy... You are so quick! already finished pieceing quilt top!??
    I love this plaids quilt. It looks so primitive.... just my taste. :-)

  9. Love that photo of your dog. Aren't they the sweetest doggies???
    Congrats on your win too.

  10. Such sweet pictures of your pets enjoying companionship with each other and you!! And I love your fabric choices - must check out that quilt pattern.
    Warm wishes from Janet in cold Nova Scotia, Canada

  11. Way to go on winning the challenge. Molly is excited about a new quilt all done and ready to snuggle under. Your pictures of Molly and Oliver Henry put a big smile on my face...aren't they the sweetest.

    I will be watching to see what May has sent you and hearing about your meeting with Anne and Rose...what fun.

  12. I knew you would win...such a big month.
    Love the quilt for the dog!-and the previous stashbuster one. Tracey

  13. I think your fur babies steal the show every time.
    I can't look at the quilt for laughing at their antics.
    They are just precious.
    I hope those two enjoy many cosy hours snuggled on the new quilt.
    Oh, and congrats for winning the WISPS award. I was amazed at how much stuff you managed to finish. You worked hard for that prize!

  14. Beautiful Molly is very lucky having her own lovely quilt. What a gorgeous girl she is. I love your blog and have added it to my favourites

  15. Molly's quilt is wonderful. I love the plaid fabrics you chose for her. And Ollie looks like he could sleep anywhere. Love the pictures of those two!

  16. ps, you are tagged on my blog, come and see! Tracey

  17. this patten must be so fast a great for plaids! Love this quilt, it looks sos cozy!

  18. Lucky Molly, I like it.


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