Monday, 4 February 2008

A Christmas Quilt

Today I packed away all the Christmas decorations and crafty things. It seemed to take forever but this might have had something to do with all the photos I took. Here is a Christmas quilt I made about 8 years ago from a Mumm's the Word pattern. I remember using no-sew heat 'n' bond for the applique so it is quite stiff! I didn't like the look of it with no stitching so added the running stitch around the edge of the applique shapes.

I have started stitching another Christmas Cup - this one has reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh - but forgot to take a picture. You'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow! Going to school tomorrow to try and get motivated - it' s just not happening at home. Bye for now.


  1. Your christmas quilt is just fine with the heat and bond. I imagine you hang it at Christmas. I like holiday quilts.

  2. Now this is very nice...have a great day..

  3. A very nice Christmas quilt. You should be realy proud..
    Good luck with school tommorow.
    I have been clever tonight and finished of two tabel runners. It is comming on my blogg in the end of the week.
    So now I am ready to start up again on Tonjes Quilt.

  4. Another cutie! I love this Christmas quilt so much. Aaaaa....I miss Christmas already! *LOL*

  5. The running stitch really sets off the quilt - a great effort, you should be very proud of this one!

  6. A lovely quilt and the running stitch just adds a nice primitive touch!


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