Sunday, 19 July 2009


Yesterday, I splurged on this book at Angus and Robertson in Burnie.
I always admire the quilts of Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke in
magazines, and just couldn't resist bringing their latest book home. These are a few of my favourites ....
Playground Days (made from yummy Katie Jump Rope fabric)
Jazz Hands and

Speaking of stashbusting, today I had a bit of a play with these fabrics.
One of my WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) is last years Quilter's Blessings BOM from Capricorn Quilts . My goal is to not purchase any new fabrics for this quilt. Although I am more into lighter, fresher fabrics at the moment, I have a lot of older fabrics, including lots of reproductions, that need using up. Oliver and I cut heaps of 1 1/2 '' strips .... whoever invented jelly rolls and honey buns deserves a medal!
Then he got a bit naughty and grabbed the camera strap!
Look at that cute little pink nose and NOT so little white belly!
This is just a glimpse at how the blocks are going to look. Only 15 to go!
I probably won't post again before our trip to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair on Friday. Hopefully, I'll have plenty to share after that.


  1. Holding out still on the Temptation associated with this Book... Luv their stuff... Enjoy the Quilt Show visit !!!

  2. First of all....I love your cutycat Christine...they are all the same aren,t they?? I just now gently chased away my little "black panther"from my table..he was tossing every thing from it on to the floor..tread..pincushion...timble save himself a bigger place to sleep on it..had to talk a lot of "sweet things"to persuade him to seems like a lovely book you have there.. the fabric looks awesome too( I am a bluefreak)cant wait to see more...Enjoy your visit at the Quilt show!!
    greetings from Holland...Francien.

  3. Wow, I have the first book, now I think the second book is a must. I just love all three quilts that you are showing. What a wonderful day that your and your really cute Oliver had. So much production and so much cuteness.

  4. please..please tell me what you think of the book.. have just seen some of the quilts ... and I have been wondering if this could be something for me??? Love all your blues... the peek looks fantastic!!! :o))

  5. You lucky girl! I have the first book, but haven`t been able to get number two as it was sold out. My beloved Crazy Cat is not that into quilts yet, but he loves to nibble at my feet while I`m sewing. I don`t enjoy it equally........

  6. i’ve seen the first and second book on blogs. They both have a lot of gorgeous quilts hidden on the pages...

    Oliver is a clever cute cat and your block looks wonderful! Love the blues!

  7. The blocks will be great. Have a good time at the show.

  8. Those blocks are going to be gorgeous! Love the shots of Oliver helping. And I'm so glad you showed some of the pages of the book -- I've been wondering about getting it. Now I know I have to! :-)

  9. Nice BOM, it will be really lovely. I just love blue :) And the cat is really cute :)

  10. It will be beautiful when it is finished.

  11. That book looks so nice, I think I will go to the store and buy it. Your Quilter's blessing is very well made, so beautifull stitches.

  12. You will be a champion stash buster after going through that book Christine! I love your sneak peek! Oliver obviously needs camera time - LOL!

  13. The new quilt book looks really terrific- the quilts are all so bright and cheerful.
    I love the blues - it is great to use fabrics from the stash isn't it.
    My star quilt that I am working on right now is the same idea- I may use a new fabric for the back but that is the only place that I will have had to use new fabrics. Like you, I am trying to use fabrics from the stash- If you are like me, there is plenty of fabric to keep me busy making quilts for a long time.
    Happy quilting, Christine,

  14. I love the projects in that book. Especially the playground one.

  15. Your new project looks lovely and thank for explaining the WISP word I have often wondered what that meant...
    I hope you will have a wonderful trip and I would love to be there too ;-))


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