Saturday, 8 August 2009

More Snippets from the Quilt Show

This post has lots of snippets of quilts we liked at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair. I said recently that it was difficult to take decent pictures of whole quilts with my little camera ... even my Dad read that post ... so these will have to suffice!

I was drooling over the red fabrics in this border!

A modern log cabin quilt. The pink, orange and green fabrics worked really well together.

This round quilt with Sunbonnet Sue applique really stood out amongst all the square and rectangular quilts.

I can't resist star quilts .... would like to make one myself one day.

This was one of my favourite quilts in the show. Love the red, white and blue fabrics. I seem to remember the design is called Postage Stamp.

Look at the quilting on the white sections. WOW!

Two of Tali's favourites ...she has great taste!

I have a 'bit of a thing' for blue and brown quilts in reproduction fabrics ... this is a lovely example.

Isn't this sashing fabric great?

Love this quilting.

Gorgeous1930's fabric. Don't think I've ever seen a 1930's quilt I don't like.

Tali liked the mermaids.

I was very pleased to find this quilt .... I bought the pattern in February at the Australian Quilt Convention. It is called Snowflake Medallion and is from Ballarat Patchwork.

Another nice appliqued quilt.

A Tree of Life medallion quilt.

Another of Tali's favourites.

Hope you saw something you liked too.


  1. oooh I was helping Ballarat Patchwork at the AQC - maybe you bought the pattern from me !!! It is beautiful !

  2. I love Tali's choices. She does have good taste.

  3. Thanks for sharing Christine. Beautiful quilts.

    I was especially excited to see that someone had entered a quilt made made from one of my sister's designs (was in Patchwork & Stitching mag) - the round Sun Bonnet Sue quilt. She will be thrilled to see someone has made it up.

  4. Great pics thanks Christine, Gosh Tali's hair is sure growing long. :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the CW quilt with blue sashing. Was it a large quilt or just lap size?

    Nancy E

  6. Thanks for all the photos! Such great inspiration. No, I have never seen a 30s quilt that I don't like. Just posted a few photos of the new kitty.

  7. Thanks for showing. The Snowflake medallion quilt looks so beautiful. Looking forward to see you making it. I tried to look up that pattern but could not find any place to purchase it on the link on your blog.

  8. Thanks for sharing. So many beautiful quilts, the postage stamp quilt is my favorite.

  9. I like the brown & blue quilt too! Would love to make one like it.

  10. Hi Christine,
    What gorgeous quilts that you saw- I love the lone star- Sometimes they have so much going on in the pattern that the design is overwhelming - this is a very pretty variation. I have made two of them- my parents have one and we have one. It is one of my earliest quilts and done using a strip pieced method. Not as complicated as it looks or sounds.
    Perhaps I will make another one some day.

  11. Thanks for sharing Christine. Beautiful quilts!!!

  12. Great quilts! Thanks for sharing! Tali has good taste!

  13. Hi! I had a great time reading through your blog and loved seeing all the quilt pictures - thanks so much! I'll be back soon! xo, Nan

  14. what a great show Christine. Lots of quilts that are not "shop class" they were a joy to view and I love the individual personalities on each .. the star in the log cabin...the kalidescope one..with the antique pattern. This would have been an excellent show to go to.. thanks for sharing they are all beautiful..btw Tali has wonderful taste!!

  15. Hi Christine,
    Beautiful quilt show. I am making a Bethleen star quilt and those I have seen on your pictures are great inspiration.
    Best regards from Spain

  16. Wow Christine you did a great job with your little camera... it looks like it was great show.... love the sunbonnet sue quilt, and the red and blue one, and the star quilts, the blue and brown looked good, hard to not love the 1930s quilt and the snowflake medallion was gorgeous.... beautiful shots of Tali she is a real sweetie...

  17. Wow! Lots of beautiful quilts. I so love the sashing fabric on the brown and blue reproduction.

  18. Delightful quilts .... thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow.. I saw lots.. :o)) Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. My goodness - so much talent abounds down your way, Christine! Thank you for the wonderful photos!

  21. I saw many quilts that I liked. I loved the snowflake quilt. Thanks for a fantastic show.

  22. They are all so gorgeous!! Thanks for the beautiful photos for all of us who couldnt be there :)

  23. Wonderful quilts, so many tiny pieces!

  24. Yes! Most definitely I see things I like. I love the little sunbonnet sue quilt and I love the first quilt - the star. I want these!!! Thanks for sharing. Love them.

  25. so many great quilts I LOVE the sashing in the blue and brown quilt too
    the tree of life medallion is amazing too
    would have loved to see that quilt whole!
    thanks for sharing

  26. I saw lots I like! They are all so beautiful, thankyou so much for sharing!

  27. Nice quilts, i like to have some of them.
    Can you try to give some other colors in them.


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  28. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing (O:

  29. That's the PRACTICE block??? It's stunning.
    This quilt is destined to be a masterpiece!!
    You never fail to impress.
    thanks for sharing....
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  30. wow!!!!they are amazing!!! I am not so good. I have begun many things and no one ended. I must work. and I am motived (enthusiastic) in watching your blog. thank you and compliments


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