Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pattern Goodness from Audrey and Maude

A while ago I was the lucky winner of three lovely patterns by Audrey and Maude. Thanks Louise and Cathy.

I remember admiring the Baubles pattern on Amitie Textiles blog last year. (Click here to see a much better photo showing off the adorable quilting) Red and white is such an awesome combination.

Gertrude and Gilbert are very sweet. Maybe I need to make some friends for Mrs Perkins.?

I will have to fight my sister for this one ... a good pattern for quilts for her 2 boys. (Sorry about the dodgy photo. I uploaded it again but still had the lines across the middle!)

Will be back soon with some more bits and pieces to share. My stitching mojo seems to have disappeared but I have mananged to catch up with some blog reading over last couple of days.


  1. Great patterns, and just enjoy the holidays ;>)

  2. Lucky you great patterns . You never know your mojo just might be in one of those pattern packets ....

  3. Those patterns look terrific. Don't you just love new inspiration? Hopefully receiving their patterns will help you to get your mojo back.

  4. Gertrude and Gilbert looks so sweet together!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your patterns, especially the Christmas tree one. Hope your mojo reappears with renewed enthusiasm. Enjoy :0)

  6. Great patterns Christine! I look forward to seeing some of the projects completed soon?
    x Sarah


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