Sunday, 14 June 2009

Best Friends Zoe and Prudence

Introducing Zoe and Prudence ..... angel best friends.
Not sure who's who but they are both VERY pretty.
Apparently, they are so inseparable they often get their wings entangled when they fly. Therefore they carry this giant heart cushion to soften the landing when they inevitably fall!
Speaking of friends, one of my Tassie blogging buddies, Sarah, has just opened a new online store. For the month of June she is offering free postage on all patterns. (not including books) Visit Sarah's blog to see how you can enter her celebratory giveaway.

Thanks to all the advice re my last post and whether or not to applique on the squares. It was almost unanimous in favour of adding the squares ... so I will heed your advice and try to get them sewn on during the evenings this week. Back to work tomorrow ... but we won't mention that!

The last time Molly appeared in blogland she looked very forlorn in her Elizabethan collar with the 'sponge' on her ear. I took this picture of her at the beach this morning and as you can see, despite looking rather bedraggled from her frolic in the water, she is back to her happy, jolly old self.


  1. Ohhh.. they are wonderful... really love your blocks..hmmm..maybe I should blow away some dust on my quilt and try at handquilting again...:o))))

  2. She does look like a happy girl !

  3. They looks fantasic :)


  4. So pretty - it's part of a larger quilt ? Can't wait to see it in it's entirety. It always a happy day here when my golden goes swimming too (except for me when she then insists on rolling in the dirt immediately after!)

  5. The angels are so cute! You are doing a wonderful job on them.

  6. Oh, so pretty! And Molly looks so happy, too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. The Best Friends block is so soft and pretty looking.

  8. What a wunderful work you did on the angels Christine..I just love them..cant wait to see the finished quilt...and what an awesome dog you have,...she looks lovely!!
    greetings from Holland

  9. They are divine. Zoe and Prudence were my favorite. Molly does look very happy. Great way to start the day.

  10. Molly looks to be in total Dog Heaven there on the beach !!! Very Sweet Angels...

  11. I'm glad you are going to sew on the little blocks, I think they add a nice touch. Your angel story is looking great, love your colour choice.

  12. Those girls are adorable and I'm that you are adding the squares to that top .... they really do add a finishing touch.

  13. The girls are so adorable, Christine! And Molly really looks so happy!

  14. I love these beautiful angels, and my French friends also, as they told me on my blog!
    Hi from Tahiti

  15. They are so cute - I love that style and have so many project line up using it.

    I didn't comment on your previous post but am very glad you decided to applique the squares onto your quilt. I think it adds a lot.

    Mollie looks like a very happy pooch!

  16. hello,

    that is wunderful.
    so many thime,for the quilt.

    greatings conny

  17. This quilt is going to be beautiful too Christine. I love the colours you choose. So pretty.


  18. Zoe and Prudence are lovely!

    I think your blog is terrific and have given you a fun award. Just go to my blog to get it! :)


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