Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Grow, Cook and Eat

This year our Friends in Stitching birthday swap has the theme of "Grow, Cook and Eat". We have to make our swap partner a gift that is based on one, two or all three of those words. Each year I am the first in our lovely group to have a birthday (yes, I was 45 on Monday ... ancient!) so today I am going to share the lovely presents I received from Kerry. I have met Kerry several times which makes them just a little more special. 

 Kerry wrote, 'the flowers on the apron are grown, the apron and the cookie cutters are for cooking and if the cupcake pincushion was real you could eat it. 'Blackberry Jam and Cream' is for cooking.'

 I LOVE the floral fabric Kerry used for my apron ... 

 and just look at the awesome pink ric-rac.

 I thought this was a really clever way to use the Moda tape that is used to tie up those delicious Moda jelly rolls.

 I think the adorable pincushion is a Bareroots design.

 This is the back ... so clever and cute!

 I was really pleased to receive a copy of Kerry's Blackberry and Cream book. It has quilting projects and lots of lovely recipes inside.

 On Monday night I also received some gorgeous red and white presents from the Material Girls which I will share in a later post. We are still painting here and between that and trying to get ready for school next week my sewing has ground to a screeching halt. Hopefully by the weekend I will get back to it.


  1. Oh Christine what beautiful gift to receive from Kerry and happy birthday,hope you had a wonderful day.xx

  2. Happy birthday for Monday. Lovely presents. I really like the sound and look of that book. Will have to keep an eye out for it.

  3. Happy Birthday for Monday! All the best people have their birthdays in February! ;-))

  4. Happy birthday for monday and what lovely gifts

  5. Happy birthday! Beautiful presents....

  6. Congrats for your Birthday. (45) Not so Bad. You have been spoilt what lovely gifts.

  7. hi Christine, what a great pressie....looks beautiful...if you think 45 is ancient..wait until you are 52 girl!!!!!!!! rofl...hope you had a great day..

  8. Ooooh, such pretty goodies!

  9. Happy birthday Christine, sounds like you had a lovely day! Gorgeous gifts, enjoy .......

  10. enjoy the gifts........all lovely..............Kerry did well on the theme.........

  11. So pleased you had the best birthday Christine...fantastic gifts...

  12. I love everything.
    Hope you had a beautiful day.
    Kisses from Spain

  13. Hi I'm Janelle and i am fairly new to the blogging world i live in Ridgley tasmania i love your blog and looking at all the great things you have made keep up the good work


  14. Happy belated birthday.
    Lovely gifts you received. The apron is pretty and the pincushion is cute.

  15. What nice pressies! Love the apron and the use of the Moda twill tape. I have been saving mine for something, not sure what, so this is a clever idea. I don't think Moda is using the tape as much as they were. Layer cake used to be tied up, but now they are just using a strip of plastic. : (


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