Friday, 23 September 2011

Prizes and Pretties

Recently, I was fortunate to win not one, but two blog giveaways.

Firstly at The Quilted Crow Girls I received a pair of pincushion patterns. 

Aren't they cute. Thanks Leonie and Deidre.

Then over at New Zealand blog Farm Girl Stitching I was the lucky recipient of 3 charm packs ...

and some  yummy Riley Blake fat quarters. 

Thanks Nicky. They are all fabrics I would choose myself so I was very excited to add these to my stash.

As for sewing news, I have been quilting Simple Pleasures
... I only have to sew down the binding and it will be finished.

I've also completed my shoo fly blocks 

that will become the border of my Vignette Mystery quilt.

Can you tell I used three fabrics for some blocks? 

They are the ones with the 'daisyish' stripe.

I am still working away on my hexies. If the weather co-operates I'll post some pictures of the latest ones over the weekend.


  1. Good luck comes in be prepared!! (Buy a lottery ticket!) Your blocks are SEW SWEET!!

  2. Lovely prizes. I love the kitten pincushion. Your blocks are beautiful. Happy Stitching,

  3. Congratulations - lovely prizes. The daisy stripes in your Shoo Fly blocks look fantastic.

  4. Your sewing life doesn't come to a stand still does it ? Good thing as all that you are making and have to make is so happy and bright.

  5. what lovely fresh colours and fabrics in your blocks.

  6. I love your wins! Especially the pin cushion patterns. Your shoo fly quilt is coming along nicely too. BTW, have you ever had shoo fly pie?

  7. Wonderful wins there Christine,well done and your blocks are lovely you have been a busy girl

  8. You are very lucky !! Your fabrics are lovely !!
    I see you sew faster than your shadow !!! Everything is beautiful !

  9. You have some lovely patterns and fabrics. Your Simple Pleasures quilt looks beautiful and I love your shoo fly blocks, very clever to use an extra fabric.

  10. Congratulations on your wins! I love your shoo fly blocks - really pretty! Looking forward to seeing 'Simple Pleasures' finished!

  11. Congratulations on your wins, lovely patterns and fabrics. I also love how you have added the extra fabric on some blocks, very clever of you

  12. Just love those shoe fly blocks...pretty fabrics!

  13. What lovely goodies you won.
    Love your blocks and can't wait to see your Simple Pleasures reveal.

  14. Love your blocks fabrics,thery are adorable.
    congratulations on your wins,great patterns and fabrics.

    Happy quilting!!

  15. Congrats on Your Wins & I Love Your Shoo Fly Blocks they are Gorgeous...

  16. So glad you like the fabric ...........
    Your shoo fly blocks are wonderful.

  17. Lucky girl :) I love the patterns from the Quilted Crow, especially the cat one. It's been ages since I've been in there - it must be about time...


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