Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hatched and Patched Swap

Friends in Stitching recently had an Anni Downs swap. Sue made me this delightful block keeper featuring Anni's Home for Summer stitchery. We are doing a 6 inch BOM this year and this will be perfect to keep them in.

 It has been thoroughly 'cat-scanned' by Oliver!

 Love this photo ... the 'paw print' of approval! Thank you, Sue. I love the design and colours you chose for my gift.

For this swap I made for Sarah. Unknowingly, I had stitched the same design for her gift!

Sarah and I both love Figtree fabrics so I used a mixture of Whimsy and Breakfast at Tiffany's to put this cushion together for her.

It's been a long time since I did any buttonholes but after a couple of practises on some scrap fabric I was confident to go ahead. 

After I'd finished I realised I'd done 5 buttonholes ... the pattern only called for 4! Talk about over-enthusiastic!

Today, I've been typing choir scores on the computer in readiness for the Burnie Eisteddfod in a few weeks time. During my absence from blogland my computer 'died' and had to have a major overall. Thankfully, today the printer finally decided it was ready to be re-installed ... just got a major iTunes issue to fix and everything will be back to normal.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Beautiful pillow and block keeper. I love the photo of the paw approval :)

  2. Lovely Block Keeper so Pretty in Pinks..Uncanny that you both had done the same block..
    Beautiful Cushion..Love the ric rac..

  3. this looks lovely! Love the stitchery and color choice.

  4. BEAUTIFUL.... both received and given.... Just big smiles for both of them!!!
    Happy to see you back!!:0)

  5. I love the co ours you have used. I need to make some cushions you have inspired me.

  6. O, they are both lovely, I love the stitchery as well the collors and fabrics.

  7. How funny that you did the same stitchery! They are both beautiful! Love Oscar's little head scanning the project. Too cute!

  8. What beautiful gifts! Your cushion has a very professional finish and the colours are lovely! Wow!

  9. That is a drop-dead gorgeous pillow, Christine. Love your stitchery. Amazing workmanship! It definitely deserves the pawprint of approval. 8)

    Susan in Texas

  10. Both items are adorable. I love the pillow and the block keeper is such a great idea!

  11. beautiful was a great swap......nice to see you back......

  12. Christine what beautiful items and such lovely stitching,well done

  13. Hello Christine, beautiful stitcheries...Regards, Lyn

  14. Wow that cushion is just gorgeous. Well done on the buttonholes too!

  15. Both stitcheries are so cute, and finished so beautifully! Lovely swap!

    Best wishes,

  16. Wow!! This looks so much like my pillow-the resemblance is uncanny!! See the "twin" here!

    LOL! I love yours very much, by the way!


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