Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kitty Cuteness

This week, I have been busy doing school preparation, housework and gardening. We are off to Melbourne next week to go to the Quilt Convention and Abbamania. I go back to work on March 2 and need to be organised before I go away. As a result, there's not much to share on the sewing front. I'm working on a quilt top to take across to Mrs Martin's ... they will quilt it for the bushfire survivors ... but not ready to show it yet. Almost finished my last PIF ... but again can't show it yet. So some cute kitty pictures will have to suffice as far as eye candy goes!

As you can see it's a hard life being a cat.
I am getting sleepy ...

very sleepy ...

Wonder what he's dreaming about!

And just a reminder that Lorraine and Peg would still welcome donations of any sewing items to put in their Sanity Saver packages. I sorted through my sewing room last weekend and found lots of things I didn't really need ... excess fabric, buttons, threads, needles etc .. all of which I posted off on Monday.


  1. What a sweet kitty.......He does have it rough.....Amy

  2. I am sure you will have a wonderful time at the quilt convention. I can't wait to see pictures. That Oliver, he is so sweet, I just want to give him a little pat on the head as usual! Cats certainly lead a rough life!

  3. Ohhh, he is so cute! I know how hard is to be a cat!I hope that you have a good time in the quilt convention!

  4. What wonderful shots of Oliver! He looks so very comfortable and happy!
    Have a great time at your quilt convention!!

  5. What a pretty kitty! And sooo sleepy too. Must be all that lovely soft plaid stuff he's laying on top of. lol Enjoy your quilt convention; that should be lots of fun.

    Happy quilting,

  6. Very stressed out cat , just like mine !
    clares craftroom

  7. In my next life I want to be a cat and choose my own home. That of a quilter of course!

  8. kitten pics are always good - he's a cutie!

  9. Hi Christine,
    I have emailed you, but a BIG HUGE THANK YOU publiciy for the wonderful things for Sanity Savers.

  10. It's tough being a cat! There is so much napping to do and dreaming and looking cute! Oliver is pretty good at all of them!

  11. I hope you have fun at the quilt convention and seeing Abbamania and it does'nt look too hard a life being a cat does it.

  12. I just love your cat - and dog!!! And miss my Flecki (cute little cat:died last aug.) when I see these pics....
    Have a nice trip to Melbourne - lucky you :))

    Greeting from cold snowy grey Berlin


    I like your new "blog-outfit" !!!

  13. Have a great time at the quilt convention!

  14. I wish you a wonderful time at the quilt convention! Oliver is so sweet, I'd love to have him on my lap!

  15. Moggie says to the beautiful Kitty...hey kitty kitty....where is your quilt?
    Don't settle for blankets Kitty...your Mummy is a is your duty to find a quilt and lie on it.

  16. Oh kitty...tell your Mummy and her friends that my Mum has a blog giveaway.
    She even uses me to advertise it.


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