Friday, 30 May 2008

Stitching Goals

Yippee! Today was the last day of term and I am on holidays for the next sixteen days. Having only managed 4 posts this month, I am determined to get back my blogging and stitching motivation again during this time.

This afternoon I tidied up my sewing room so there is no excuse for not getting stuck into some serious stitching tomorrow. Oliver decided to supervise my tidying from the top of one of my stash cupboards - I know its a yucky old picture (terrible light) but it was this or nothing!

Moments after this photo was taken, he suddenly jumped down, using my head as a step between the cupboard and the floor - ouch! The plastic crate full of wadding, which he is sitting on, followed him to the floor - just missing me! (and the camera!) Just as well he's so cute!

My stitching priorities for the holidays are as follows:

1. Work on my Pay It Forward Gifts for Stina, Peg and Catherine.

2. Complete a Christmas tree ornament for Kimberly. (A while ago I joined a Christmas in July Ornament Swap at Sarah's Crafty Nook.)

3. Work on my Material Girls Christmas in July swap project.

4. Quilt and bind my redwork version of Rose's tablerunner.

Will keep you posted as to my progress - any will be an improvement on the last couple of weeks! Have a mini quilt shop hop planned for tomorrow morning - will let you know what I get up to soon.


  1. Congratulations!!! Well deserved holiday... And hope you get a lot of sewing done... hope you keep that list as it is...since my name is first on to do list...*LOL*

  2. Enjoy your well earned break! Jo x

  3. Hello Christine... Holidays! Way To Go... You sound like a woman on a mission with that List! Have Fun Tomorrow...

  4. Oliver certainly likes a high perch! How on earth did he get up there??

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. goodluck with your holiday the list idea.......maybe I need to do that.......

  6. When I saw the photo, I was thinking now how did Oliver get down from there, then I read the go Oliver....Glad to see you back...and you do have a bit of a list happening...enjoy your 16 days off, I am so jealous, the most I can get these days is 4 and that is including the weekend...take care...

  7. julian just asked me today how long it is until holidays - we have to wait five weeks! lucky you to be starting now.
    i hope you get lots and lots done over the next two weeks - it's a wonderful feeling to be productive.

  8. Happy Holidays! Hope you get lots of sewing and stitching done.
    Oliver reminds me of my old cat Joris. He always wanted to be with me while working and I had to put him on top of a bookcase. I sometimes forgot he was sitting there and left the house... He was not able to jump of the bookcase... pour guy!

  9. Oliver looks so great up there - but ouch on the path back down. My Habibi would love to be that high too, but I doubt he's be able to leap that high anymore with all that extra weight he's packing.


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